Integrated Amp with Totem Forests and Arcam 23

I've done some looking for integrated amps to go with my Totem Forests and Arcam 23 source. So far the Krell 400xi, Plinius 9200, Musical Fidelity A5, and Pathos Logos have come up as possible choices. Does anyone have comments about the best match for my system? Other possible integrated amps that I haven't considered?
Simaudio I-3 or I-5.
I used a pair of Totem Mani2 with Gryphon AT integrated amp, great prices now in the used market, and an amp that you can live with for many years to come.

Sugden Masterclass drives my 805s very well.
After comparing many integrated, that's the one for me.
I think it's a big mistake to not try the Sugden stuff.
Accuphase E530 is my second choice.
The Krell seemed hard and I would have to cover that brite red display with duct tape!
The Mcintosh didn't give me the details I like.
I would check out the CODA Continuum Unison 3.1. It seems to be very versatile (adjustable gain allows for either a solid-state sound, or a smoother, more tubey sound) and it goes up to 35wpc into Class A. They don't come up used often, but they go for around $1300 used when they are available. I have been really happy with mine-huge upgrade over my 3.5K C-J seperates.
i used a musical fidelity tri vista integrated amp with my totem forests, and i had great results. the forests are capable of creating some pretty deep base, but need a lot of power to do so. i have had some experience with the krell integrated amp, and that could be a nice match, too. if you use any amp that produces less that 150wpc, you will most likely not be getting the most out of what is a pretty great speaker.

MF A5,was "beaten" in Hi Fi News Awards 2004 by Graaf GM 50(50w Push Pull Tube int)"Best amp over GP 1000."GraaF got the award, MF a Editors choice....

Krell,sorry ,not my cup of tea .....

Plinius,plus point,does have a "tube like sound" but still no tubes...

Pathos Logos,you know my opinion on that,the Logos and my Merlin VSM-MMs are Magic ! I am completely biased ,I am afraid.....

If indeed the Totems need at least 150w to "bring out the best " then you have to consider the BAT VK 300 int( 3 variations-ss,6922 and Supertube) or the DK-VS 1 MK ll ,also a Hybrid.Blue Circle Hybrid pre/power perhaps ?

Get some tubes on the pre amp stage....that is wat I would do.

I use the Forests fully biwired to an A85. Had it internally biwired with Analysis plus Oval 8 Solo Crystals, but noticed that the manuals for the Arcam Power amps treat the Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 as 'bi-amp' output sources. So I tried it with some River Cable Starflex on the top, and the AS on the bottom with fantastic results.
If I had the bean, I'd go for the FMJ Integrated/Power combo...or bunch of P1s with the Pre....
But, for the money...the A85 does a nice job.

I'm sure the Forests sound great with a lot of power, but they also sound great with less. I was sold on them connected to an Arcam A80/ CD82 don't let the power 'recommendation' lead you astray. Listen and decide.
When I asked Totem for some recommendations for an integrated for the Hawks, they suggested the Plinius 9200, the Simaudio I-5, the Pathos Classic 1 and the Ayre Integrated with its matching CDx-7. You'll have to assess how applicable this advice will be to the Forests; I suspect it will apply fairly well. The rather rare Totem Amber integrated, made for Totem by SimAudio,if I recall correctly, was also mentioned. Good luck.