Tubes with Totem Forests?

currently running a musical fidelity tri vista integrated with my totem forests. also using a MF nu vista cd player. have been kicking around the idea of tube monoblocks - anybody have an opinion? ASL hurricanes are a possibility. please keep in mind that the totem forest can be a power hungry little speaker.

might use the pre outs from the MF tri vista to the monoblocks. open to the idea of different pre amps, too.
I had quicksilver m60 with my forests for a while. THen tried a Plinius 8200 II - nice change - Forests seem to need big power - maybe the Quicksilver V4 would work- that's my limited experience - Good Luck they are great sounding speakers with ANY amp...
I'm using Forrests with VTL MB100.
Had for a while of service near a week Nikko Alpha SS amp 120Wpc. Tried to use it alone and seemed too bright at top end but when I connected this one in bi-amp with VTLs I experience a sound of speakers that I've never heard in ANY of the setups listened to and they were quite plenty:
Bryston 3B-st, Plinius 8200 mkII, Belles 150, Plinius SA100.
Tubes have top end and mid-range clarity unbeatable by any SS whilist good bass drive is best with SS.
I plan to add an inexpencive powerfull SS either Nikko that I loved or McCormack DNA1. I also will try make a DIY choice to build a passive sub that will be used with Nad C270, a powerfull digital beast that is great to drive a sub.
I've had Totem Mani-2's, which were much more inefficient than the Forest. I used tubes with the Mani's successfully, but needed over 150wpc. I think you are on the right track with the ASL, however my current amps are purer-sounding than the Hurricane, with better clarity- they are the 60wpc ASL 1009 845-based PP tube monoblocks, and I think they would be a superb match with the Forest...
thanks, sutts. i'll explore that option. i live in detroit, right across the river from windsor. i can get pretty good deals on ASL stuff in canada.
rogue 120's kick wih the forests