Amp suggestion between Rega & Adcom sound please ?

Hi, just wondered if you may be able to help :-)

I ended up with an Adcom GFA 545 ii a good while back, nice solid amp, to test it out for sound quality it was easier to try it with my amp for the tv than the stereo music set up. It sounded clean thin and way too much top end for my liking, so it went down the shed.

A few years later, thinking of having a clear out, thought I would just try it in place of my Rega Maia in the stereo set up. I was rather amazed at the difference from what I remembered.

From the Rega, sound seems to come from where the instruments or singers are positioned roughly, from left to right pretty good I guess, image depth is minimal, sounds are quite realistic, my ears my kit ;-) nice balance, fullish rounded accurate sound, nice deep tight bass, lovely clear well centered vocals etc.

With the Adcom, the sounds were cleaner, less haze maybe, which was lovely to hear, but things did not sound so real, thinner not so much life. Sounds came from almost pinpoint locations, giving the impression of the source of sound as an actual pin point, rather than being able to picture an instrument or singer producing the sound, as with the rega. Image of soundstage depth was far far better than with the Rega.

So then, how does one get the real life size sound of the Rega, with the haze removed and the imaging of the Adcom?

Simple question, any recommendations on system tweeks or amps to achieve the above?

Many thanks for any thoughts :-)
Over the past twenty years, I have transitioned form an Adcom 545 amp/ Adcom GTP 500 preamp combo to a Musical Fidelity A3 integrated amp to a Prima Luna Prologue tube amp/ Musical Fidelity CD Pre 24 combo.

In my case, I would say it was transitioning over to tubes. No desire to switch back to solid state.

You could change the power cord for a beefier one...and sub Sonicap for the 3.3uF input caps.
Did that to an old GFA555 and was pleased with the result.
Hmmm never actually heard tubes :-o maybe I should have a listen somewhere. Difficult question - can you remember back to the Adcom and how the sound has changed with your new tube amp?

I did wonder if changing the power cord was worth doing, did made a difference on the Rega so I guess it should make a difference on the Adcom too. Easy plug in and out on the Rega, not so easy on the Adcom ;-) I think that is well worth a go though, cheers for the suggestion!

The input caps.. should I be attempting that if I have to ask which ones are the input caps..

Have been wondering about changing caps in my crossover, to give a bit of a clearer less haze in the presentation, may not need to do that if the Adcom improves with the tweeks :-)