Parasound Vs Adcom

Hey folks.

Gonna be looking to get new amplification here in the next month or so, I got that Denon 3805 and im loving it, but i want to get external amplifiers, and im definatly looking for budget gear. This is for the Surround setup in the ol livingroom, ill work on integrating a 2 channel system with it and use some bitchin amps on that, but for 5 speaker HT with 2 additional zones, im going a bit cheaper, thats 9 channels of amplification, possible more depending on the speakers i get cause i MIGHT bi-amp those. Unsure at this point.

I am looking between either Adcom and Parasound, and I'm wondering which product would be best for my tastes.

Im looking for about 150-200WPC, Multiple stereo or a couple multichan, im pretty flexable.

Has anyone done comparisons on Parasound and Adcom? I want control, Impact, speed, and resolution.
Like i said, these will be powwering a HT SETUP, and i will most likley be using on-wall speakers. Probably Boston Accoustic Bravos, maybe something else.

Once the HT setup is done i will begin looking at intgrating a 2chsys, and will give myself a much larger budget, get some good floor standers, a good pre, and some real nice amps.
For this HT setup though, i really dont want to go past 400-500 per stereo amp, And i am not THAT worried about musicallity, just Impact, Dynamics, ya know, movie junk.

Any advice between the two? Suggestions of another budget brand that would fit the bill for this?
If you hold out long enough, you can probably find a used parasound A23. I'd say that is by far your best bet. I would think 125 wpc at 8 ohms would be enough to drive boston acoustics in wall speakers.

If you are going with a smaller speaker like the BA Bravo, I am not sure why you would just not stay with your Denon 3805, especially given that the 3805 is the latest version of the 3800 receiver. The Bravos can only take a max of 125 watts and with 150/200 wpc amps, the tendency is going to be to drive those speakers pretty hard. In this situation, I might be tempted to stay with the Denon and put my money into an awesome sub-woofer.

As to the question that you raised, between Parasound and Adcom, I have only owned Adcom. I have found their power amps to be incredibly reliable and durable with plenty of punch. Another budget brand that I have had great luck with and would fit your requirements nicely would be Audiosource .

Regards, Rich
I use the Parasound HP 850/HCA 1000 pairing in my secondary 2-channel room and am very happy. I'm gaining more respect for the John Curl designs everyday. If I were to upgrade from my B&K in the HT room, I'd be looking at the "A" series or Halo if I could afford them. It's terrific value stuff and used is even better, as you know. I haven't dealt with Adcom for a while but it always sounded a bit mechanical to me. Happy hunting and upgrading!
Either one would do. Personally, I prefer Parasound, too. However, I'd recommend putting the money into better speakers instead. In this price range, speakers will have far more impact on the total sound.
If you can go for the new $299/pr on-wall Magnepans, you should give them consideration. Cheers,
Hey Slappy

You should audition Athena Technologies Point 5 MkII system with their AS-P400 or 300 sub at Best Buys. The set even comes with wall mouting brackets for the 4 satillites, also an optional floor stands is available from AA ($90).
I've purchased the system for $250 + 200 for the 300 sub for my brother powered by a Denon 2802, sounds great fot the price.
Sorry to jump ship
I'm using 2 Denon POA-5200 (dual mono design) to vertical bi-amp my Energy V2.2's and how does the Parasound Halo A23 compare.
To my ears Parasound is a more musical sounding amp, less dry, less bright; therefore, less irritable sounding.
I've owned, or bought for friends, amps and other pieces of gear from several of the 'budget' audiophile brands over the last few years and, while they're all good, my general preference for sound, build quality and ergonomics is in this order:
Individual models of each are going to sound different, though, and you won't go too far wrong with any of them.
I agree with Timo:
I would go with Parasound.I have tried both in my system, and the Parasound is better all around. I am currently looking for a used Parasound P/LD 2000 preamp to go with my Parasound Halo JC-1 monoblock amps until the high-end Parasound Halo JC-2 preamp comes out next year.
The Adcom GFP-750 preamp sounds great with the JC-1's, but it is alittle dry, slightly grainly, and slightly tipped up on top, especially in the active mode. This was made much more evident by the JC-1's exceptional detail resolution.
I have also owned the Adcom GFA-5802 amp, and the Parasound HCA-3500 power amp.
I would also try out some Rotel gear, especially their power amps.
THanks for all the repsonses everyone!

How are those magnepans? I read a review on them, it was a good review but it stated the top end of the spectrum was gone. They would be pretty sweet though.

Sometime next year i plan on getting a plasma. Those maggies would look pretty sharp next to it.

Im preferring on-wall speakers that are relativly low profile because i will also have a full range set of something (maybe vandys) for 2 channel music, and it would look alot less like circuit city if there were only 2 floorstanders

Looks like the general concensus is Parasound.
Ill probably give it a shot.

The BA Bravos are a speaker im considering, i used to have a pair of them but i gave em away to my brother. I used them for a while in an apartment that my Definitive Technology 2004TL's just wouldnt quite fit in.
For the money and asthetic value, those bravos are not bad at all.

I might try out those maggies though.