Adcom GFA-555 power switch repair

I've had this amp for quite awhile. Used it to power some Magnepans but I've sold them. During the time I was using it the power switch developed a glitch. Sometimes it would start up fine and sometimes I had to switch it of and on again a few times to get it to stay on.
I've found a replacement switch but I can't seem to get the old switch loose from the case.
My hand is too large to get to the switch. Is there a tool that might be best to use? A way to get in there I'm not aware of.
I'm in the wilds of West TN and I'm not aware of anyplace to take it that is very close.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Take the top cover off and there are some silver Phillips screws on the left and right top. Take those out and the large black screws on the bottom going into the front panel you should be able to pull the front plate forward enough to get to the switch.

Good luck!
Where do you get a replacement switch from - I need one