Amp Short List for Zu Definition Mk. IV

Have spent way too may hours on the forums trying to glean the answer to my question. Time to come right out and ask the experts. I'm taking delivery of new Zu Audio Definition Mk. IV's in a month or so. Listening is mostly jazz, blues, classical, with a good dash of hard rock (NiN, Kylesa, Zeppelin, etc.) thrown in.

Short list so far is:

Audion Black Shadow 2 Mk.II 845
Audion Golden Dream 2 300b
Line Magnetic 219ia
Melody M845
Melody AN845

Yes, I know a couple are integrateds. The preamp is next. For now, it's a Bryston SP3. I'll sort that out later. Just want to hear everyone's experience with any of the foregoing and the Zu Audio Definition Mk IV's. Cheers and hope you're all having a great weekend and good listening.
Audion and Melody for 845. As I recall LM not a great match.

For SS, Valvet and Dartzeel

For P/P, Quads and maybe EAR.

The Melody 845 and Dart integrateds are superb. Dont underestimate them.

Lots of help available on the Def thread as well.
Now that you have had them for a while, what do you think?
Dentdog, I'm thoroughly enjoying them.  Great tone, effortless speakers.  Have them paired with the Line Magnetic 219ia.  
Mine just keep sounding smoother, the tweeters settle down after about a year, even more later.
I’m running McIntosh MC60s made in the 1950s. Completely satisfied. All tube units upstream also.
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