Amp's to mate with Martin Logan Prodigy speaker's

Hi I am looking for some amp suggestions to go with the Martin Logan Prodigy speaker's. I would like to use tubes but would consider SS. My budget is 4500.00. I am new to this site and would lie to say thanks for any help in advance.
I have a pair of Odysseys and drive them with Jeff Rowland amps (passively bi-amped with Concentra and 112). I've heard others say that high powered tubes can work wonders, but others have cautioned me that solid state is the only way to go with the bigger M-Ls. I would recommend Pass, Theta, Classe or McCormack. You'll probably get a number of varying responses. Best of luck!
I am using an Audio Research VT-200 with my Pridigy's and the match is great. In fact I talked with a couple of tech's at ML and they told me they use ARC tube amps to voice thier speakers. You can find VT-200's on Agone used for around $3500-$4000. While I have had a power tube go on mine recently overall I would highly recommend the amp, and ARC as a company has been VERY good to deal with. A VT-100 might be a good possability too, all depending on room size and the kind of music/volumes you listen.
I've got Odysseys instead of Prodigys, but they're generally pretty similar in their amplifier requirements. I'm biamping with a Counterpoint SA-220 (hybrid tube/SS) for the panels and a Classe CA-200 for the bass cones. The line stage is a Counterpoint SA-11, if it matters. I did audition a CJ MV60 with my speakers, and they were quite a bit short on power, although it wasn't as bad with ML as the same amp on Magnepan 3.6s.

My dealer generally demos either of the ML speakers with either Classe CAM-350 monoblocks or the new Rowland M201 monoblocks. I'd love to hear the new Conrad Johnson MV140 all-tube power amp with them, but I haven't to date (different dealers).

Those M201's are really cool - literally and figuratively. They're physically beautiful, like all of the Rowland gear, but also drastically smaller than anything else comparable. They're about the size of a sheet of paper, and a couple of inches thick! They're so small that at first I mistook them for some sort of a power conditioner...

Best of all - other than the sound - they run cool to the touch, even while pumping out a lot of power (500 wpc @ 4 ohms). I'm used to my amps heating up my room in short order, so these look really attractive. Not too expensive, either - $2400 each, so pretty much right where you're looking for price.

Gosh, this turned into a Rowland advert - that wasn't my intention at all. I just saw and heard a really nice set of amps last time I was out at the dealer...
I run Krell 350mcx with a BAT preamp into Prodigys. I would not short change them on power. I would also use any of these:
Krell 350cx or larger
Pass Labs X350 or larger
Levinson 336 or larger
I also recomend a tube preamp with the Prodigy or any Martin Logan speaker.

Good luck,
I like the VTL 450 SIGNATURE idea. Someone hear had a pair of the 450. I emailed him a couple of times to ask if the were the SIGNATURE and never received a response is this normal hear?? Thanks for all the ideas so far. Jake
Odyssey amps, Bigger ARC's, Spectral, Levisnson's all seem to shine with these speakers.
Has anyone used the Edge NL10 Solid sate or Wolcott 220 tube amp with these speakers. I have been looking at these pretty hard. They can had for around 5000.00 or so used?? It is a little $$ above my budget but I could swing it up to that amount. Thanks. Jake
Jake7, you might want to at least audition a pair of Antique Sound Labs "Hurricane's" if you can accomodate tubes.

Several pair here @ 'Gon for around $3200.00

I have owned (6) different pairs of Logans, and currently have a pair of VMPS RM40's powered by the Hurricanes with fantastic results.
Greetings. I am using the Krell Showcase Amp/ Pre/Pro with my Prodigy's, and it sounds great (except for blowing the Theater (center channel) tweeters with the new Chemical Brothers DVD!) but want to bi-amp with the Antique Sound Labs Hurricanes- tubes for the stats and the Krell for the bottoms. What results has anyone experienced with this combo? Thanks for any info.
I ended up getting a pair of Wolcott 220 tube amp's, in fact these were Albert Porter's amp's he used for his system. I must say these are the best amp's I have heard!!. I have tried everything from Audio Research VT100 to the VT200 and just recently the pass labs X350 and Manley Neo classic 250's and these are by far best I have had in my system with these speakers. Great amp's thank Albert!! I did go over my budget by some not allot, but was worth every penny. Thanks for all the help. I did want to try the Edge NL10 or 12 but never had the chance. My search is over.
My FAVORITE component of the last decade is my Placette dual active mono which is ultra transparent and great with electrostats. It's the only component I don't fantasize about swapping out for something better!! I have CLS IIz's with Vandersteen subs. The Placette would mate beautifully with ML Prodigy speakers.