Amp Recommendations: 2 Ohm Stable, ~300+ watts, and small...

I'm trying to shrink my system as much as possible.
Any pointers for a small but capable amp?
I am not sure how they will handle 2 ohms bridged but the Benchmark AHB2 is a tiny amp. You would need to get two of them and bridge them mono to get 300 watts. The QSC PLX1802 is a 300 watt/ch into 8 ohm tiny AB amp with a switching power supply. It will do 700 watts/ch into 2 ohms. It is a commercial amp and has a fan for extended high power use. For home use just  go in and unplug the fan. QSC makes much more powerful versions if you have money to burn. I am sure there have to be some small class D amps that will do the job.

Check out this amp... stable at 2 ohms... 1000 watts at 1.8 ohms

More details from their kickstarter here.

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The QSC amplifier is more of a pro audio amplifier that will work for home audio producing 300 watts into 8 ohms and handling speaker dips to 2 ohms. 

The Cherry amplifier is 14x 10x 4 inches... and they have much smaller mononlock amps also. These are audiophile amplifiers with output of 200watts into 8 ohms and 800 watts into 2 ohms. 

The QSC is much less expensive but the downside is that it won’t sound quite as good. 
snapsc, you might be quit right and I certainly can't say as I have not listened to both amps together but unless you have you are making an assumption. I think you meant that they might not sound as good.
Having said that I looked at Cherry's site and it is interesting stuff. They do have a 30 day return policy so if you are in for new amps it can't hurt.
QSC does not. You buy em you own em. However, Commercial amps have a much lower pricing structure than "audiophile" amps and you generally get more for your money. Benchmark is a good example. I use big QSC amps to drive subwoofers and I have not yet found reasonably priced amps that do a better job. On the other hand I have never used them for full range work. I thought of them only because they have the power and are very small.
I owned the Crown XLS 2000 for a while so I have a sense of the QSC... and I agree... great for subs. 
Crown XLS1502. $400 and 400+ wpc. Weight about 9 lbs.! Probably sounds as good as any four-figure Class D boutique amp!
The amp I need would be 2-300 watts at 6-4Ohm.  I would not need to double at 2 Ohm.
Thr QSC amps are too large.The Cherry amps are pricey, but the right idea.  Likely more than I need.

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