Amp for Totem Forest

Hey everybody,

I have purchased a pair of Totem Forest speakers, I have a DAC1 en route and I will be using it as a linestage as well. So now my search is for a good 2-CH amp that will serve me well. I am open to Tube or SS, my budget is $1500 USED give or take. Listening tastes vary from Monophonic Gregorian Chant to DJ Tiesto, Handel to Sinatra. Balanced inputs would be a plus. Ideas?

Plinius 8200II
I second the Plinius. Great combo.
There's a Simaudio w-3 for like $1700 right now and that would be my pick
a nice forte/ or threshold design would be great.

YBA gear matches extremely well with Totem products.

Vince from Totem often uses YBA products to power his speakers at trade shows and in audition rooms.

I have a YBA 2 pre and YBA2 HCDT amp I use with my Model Ones with beautiful synergy.

..although DJ Tiesto requires me to move my sub from my Home Theatre set up into my HIFI system..

Good luck with an exciting purchase
i used a musical fidelity tri vista intergated amp with my forests for about 2 years, and it was a magical combination. i could not give it any higher recommendation! the tri vista integrated amp is stunning, and you can get a used one on the 'gon for a very reasonable price.
The best amp I've heard with the Forest is Totem's own integrated amp. It's expensive (I want to say around $5000) and not the prettiest thing in the world, but damn does it ever sound good!

I am not looking to purchase an integrated, would like to invest in 2ch amp only.

Thanks for the comments so far guys!
I am running a Bryston 4BSST. 20 year warranty. Used 4BST can meet your budget. I like it!

Had a Aragon 8008st that was very nice with the Forest. Wish I still had it.
I had a pair of Forests when I was transitioning amplifiers, so I tried them with the MA6300, Cayin A88, and Plinius 8200.

My favorite of the 3 was the McIntosh because it had more life with the Forest than the Plinius. The A88t was weak in the low end, so it struggled through at higher volumes. If I had the forest again i would pair them with a powerful hybrid or do a tube pre with ss amp.

Bad news IMO, you need to up your budget, good news is you have a great speaker that will appreciate upgrades.

Good luck.