Moon I-3 and Totem Forest?

I would like to buy the Totem Forest and the Simaudio Moon I-3 100w. Do you think that the I-3 have enough power to drive the Forest?
Enough power but the i-3 is under-sophisticated (rough on the edges) for this articulate speaker....
Are you serious Sonicbeauty?

Anyways, the I-3 will power the Forest just fine. I beleive the I-5 would be a better matchup & a little more refined.
I'm a little overkill on what I think the Forests like. True, they're not the Mani-2's, but they're also not super-efficient. The i-3 would be fine, and would have just enough power. Is it the last word in an integrated for the forests, no? But it's a good start.

The i-5, at 70 watts, would be too lean IMO.

Good luck!
Plinius 8200II if you can find one

The I-5 would do a better job of powering the Forests than the I-3.
my i3 powers my dyn 1.3 se,s just fine,no lack of sofistication her mimberman said,the last word?its a great sounding int,sim rep recomended that over the i5 because efficiancy,forest are easy as i recall..imhoooo!
Thank you for all the posts, i will buy the I-3 and the Forest i think.
Mani_canadian: you're right in that the i-5 would sound better. I've been thinking about this alot and trying to remember my initial impressions on both amps with the forests. The i-5 is a much better sounding amp. I think the i-3 challenged the Forests better on the low-end, and the extra juice helped bring some life in the low-end which the forests aren't known for, and that probably excited me. The i-3 did,however give way in the midrange, and the i-5 clobbers it in that respect, which is what I like so much about the forests anyway. Thanks for reminding me of that.

I finaly bought the Forest and the I-3 and it will be break in two weeks but it sound verry good now. A lot of bass and mid but i find the high is noisy. Maybe it's because the breaking time is not over. I will make a final answer in a cuple of weeks.
I have found that a thin and irritating high end the most common attribute to new equipment. Give them a few weeks and I bet things smooth out.
I asked Simaudio how long it really take for the breaking. I asked is it 6 weeks open or 6 weeks of playing. He is answer me that is 6 weeks of playing. But i dont know if it's 24 hours by day. Now i let play it 10 to 12 hours by day and i don't know if it's enough. What do you think?
If you can just leave it running 24/7. You don't need to have the sound coming out of your totems, just so long as there's a signal coming in, that should do the trick
I am not sure of that. If no power go out of the I-3 it's like staying powered on that's it. What do you think?
The next summer i will let play it more loud. I can't now because i am not alone in the house.
Sorry, let me clarify: to break it in you'd want ot keep it playing so that a whisper of sound is coming out of your speakers. From what I understand the sound level isn't an issue, but it can't be on mute. (I wrote the other post in a rush, so it wasn't that helpful)
I understand, you mean for the break-in of the I-3 and the Equinox. But for the Forests a little loud level is better i think. Am i right?
Ah, I didn't realize you were still breaking in your Forests as well. You don't need to play them at excessive levels to break them in, but you will need something above a whisper. I don't know if this is an option, but you can leave them playing during the day if no one is home. Good luck!
There's also a speaker break-in trick. Connect your Forests out of phase (so, reverse the leads going to ONE of the speakers), place them face-to-face right up against each other (as close as possible) and play a mono recording or throw the mono switch if there is one on your preamp. You can turn it up very loud and you'll barely hear a peep. Just be careful not to turn it up so loud you damage the speakers.
Simaudio answer this: We recommend 300 hours of playing time to properly break-in the i-3 and
Equinox. This will realize the full sonic potential of each. The
break-in can be done continuously, or little at a time; it will make no
difference in the end, as long as 300 hours are accumulated.

So i brok the woofers of my forests for the third time now because i played them to loud. The woofer are made by Hi-Vi RESEARCH and the model is D6.8 => 77.92$cad or 64.94$us each. I think they are verry fragiles, any way it's on warranty but my dealer will become crazy. I think my I-3 is not enoung powerfull for the Forests and at a loud volume it send AC current in the Speaker and brok it. Now i am tired to go to my dealer, i will never play them loud again. Thanks for your answers.
whats your situation now zutbof,you can over load voice coils that havent been properly burned in,moderate levels are all thats necessary..after 100 hrs of lower level,preliminary burn in,thengraduate it,imho.
Thank you, i will do that with the next woofer.
The Forest woofer is made by ATI
The woofer are made by Hi-Vi RESEARCH and the model is D6.8 => 77.92$cad or 64.94$us
Sorry you are right the woofer is made by ATI Totem confirmation
I have just paired my Forests with a Simaudio i-5 and I must say that it is a quite pleasant pairing. I have never heard the i-3 with the Forest, but if you are still finding the high end to be 'noisy' after break-in I can tell you I am hearing nothing tingy or edgy on the upper octaves when paired with the i-5.
I changed of room today and the problem come from a too small room.