Amp candidates for ATC Loudspeakers

Hi guys,

Over the years, the experience this forum has given me has been extremely informative! thanks guys for the help.
Now building a 2nd system for my overseas apartment and am looking at building them around an ATC speaker. ATC SCM7,11, or the 19s are my candidates.
These speakers are highly recommended from my friends overseas and heard them as well. Quite different from my Harbeths but the mids are still there.
Can users here help me chime in on the amps, integrated amps, cables, you guys are using for these breed of speakers.
I always here, they love power, at least 100w.
Would digital amp do like the Bel Cantos, or Jeff Rowlands ?
How about the time and proven, Levinsons, Krells, Bryston ? or the Lamms ?

Would appreciate some insight and inputs!
Merry x'mas to you all and all the best for 2010.

hello, upon your taste of sound, they all will work , howerver , in your listing, i like bel cantos the most, and older levinson(not newer ones).. bryston and krell, may be, kind of too "dry and dull" on sounding with ATC, i would easily to do tube preamp and SS power or all tube, but all tube may be too less power than you want, good luck ,,,!!,, may be, consider late mcintosh as well

Most of my friends with ATC speakers use Bryston amps.and they do not sound dry at all with ATC.If course with ATCs you need to play the speaker quite loud to hear them at their best.....Can't go wrong at all with Bryston-ATC;music-lover combi for sure
I'd consider any good SS integrated amp like Naim or Exposure. I do not know if tubes will work as the ATC line likes watts/current.
Noli. You should alos postr this question on whathifi. There's tons of people in the U.K. using (and loving) ATC speakers.
Thank you for replies. Anyone else cares to chime.
what cables are appropriate for these speakers ? warm ? neutral, etc ?
thanks for the insights
Why don't you go for a pair of active ATCs'?
Anyone tried these amps with the ATC's ?

I think 150w/side should be plenty healthy ? what you guys think ?
Anyone tried these amps with the ATC's ?
No, but I have tried Symphonic Line upon which the Odyssey are based, reportedly.
The result was good -- but mind you, I used the monos and drove the 100. The winning characteristic was that there was no harshness (i.e. bumped up region ~4-6kHz) with these amps.
Out of candidates listed, I cast the vote on Levinsons and Bryston.

My personal recommendation is Simaudio.

I have used 3 pairs of ATC in the past 6 years. ATC 20 -> ATC 50 -> ATC 100.
I suggest you audition the ATC SIA 2x150 integrated.
use cardas golden ref. interconnects and nordost viper
power cord...have spent extensive time testing various
cable pairings with the ATC 35s and ATC 40s.
Thanks for all the replies!!