Does anyone have info on Innotech D-24 loudspeakers designed by Shahinian?

Hi all

i have just bought my second pair of Innotech D-24 loudspeakers.  Dick Shahinian design transmission line speakers with two Kef  B-110s, a 1-1/2” mylar dome midrange and a 1” dome tweeter. My last set I sold over ten years ago and I have been looking for another ever since.  Beautiful cabinets and great for low volume casual listening.  This second pair has different tweeters from my first pair and everything looks original.  They even have an original badge.  Does anyone have any original specifications or info on these?  I need to build grills and my first pair were missing these as well.  Period photos or brochures would be great to see.  
Have you contacted Vasken Shahinian at Shahinian Acoustics in NY? Great company to work with and Vasken is very responsive, in my experience.

Shahinian Acoustics Ltd.
130 Knickerbocker Ave, Suite H
Bohemia,  NY   11716
(631) 736-0033
I'd love to know more about the Innotechs.  My father got a little magazine, which may have been put out by the Musical Heritage Society, which reviewed the Innotechs very positively.  Since I was interested in transmission lines at the time, I was excited to hear them, but they disappeared from the market before I ever came across a pair.
Any chance that you have any interest in selling your Innotechs? For any price?🙂

I have owned Shahinian speakers and have spent time at the shop listening to music with Richard. On different occasions Richard had played music through a pair of Innotechs and another speaker he had designed for ADS that never went into production. You should contact Vasken and see if he still has the speakers and if he would sell them. 

I have a pair of these I have had sense 1978.

Recently I set them back up and they still sound great. 

The imaging is wonderful. 

Can anyone tell me what they are worth?


The D24 was a joint collaboration between Richard Shahinian and Elliot Fishkin, the owner / proprietor of Innovative Audio, which was located in Brooklyn NY at the time. If I recall, the D24s were NOT mirror imaged. If I remember ( and I could be wrong ), R.S. designed a speaker for NEC ( I owned a pair ), going back a ways as well.