Am I hearing the effects of "clean sound"?

Recently,the weather down here in South Florida has been-in a nutshell-perfect.
Not too hot, not to cold, low humidity, nice breeze.
With this type of weather, there's not a need for us Floridians to crank up the ac.
Leaving the windows open does the job.
When I arrived home Saturday night after watching some football with some friends both my wife and son were asleep and my daughter was staying over a friends so of course it was time to crank up the system.
What I heard set me back in a very good way.
Music flowed effortlessly and clear.
Probably the biggest improvement I heard was a lack of grit, if you will, with the music.
Presence was stronger without any rolled-off highs.
It sounded nice!
Do you think that because of the "cleaner" lines and also it was somewhat late, around 11:30 or so, that the music was some what "cleaned up"?
Is this what one could possibly hear with dedicated lines?
As always, thanks for your input.
Definitely. You are describing the effects of cleaner power to your rig.

In my case I got it by adding power conditioning and cables (a full-house Shunyata setup with Hydra 4 and Anaconda and Python cables) rather than by a dedicated line, but the effect should be the same.

As you say, a less fatiguing, less gritty sound. With cleaned-up power you can have it at any time of day.
? Windows open? I think it was partly the windows..

If that's what you think, take charge of your own destiny and try some power conditioning with your system and see for sure if it makes a difference. it very well might if no power conditioning is in place currently.
The nighttime is the righttime,YMMV,Bob
Your wife and son were asleep so you thought it was a good time to crank up the stereo?

Unless you have an extremely large house, you should talk to Dr. Laura...
Maybe you were just having a great day and felt relazxed, but it could very well be the time of day. I noticed that when I play my rig after 9pm, it seems to sound better to me. You should try it again on another night and see if you get the same clean sound!
Thanks for the responses.
No, I have no power conditioning in place although I do have an Oyaide R1 outlet.
Dweller, what I simply meant is that I could play my rig, not crank it up to wall shaking volumes.
When the kids and wife are around, I like to spend time with them vs. listening to music.
Hopefully both you and Dr. Laura would approve.
The minute you think you have this all figured out and that the system will sound great next time you listen because of clean power something wont be right. I think it is a combo of clean power and just a great mood to listen and a connection to the music on that day, I only suggest this because I have experienced and posted same impression only to find that during almost exact same conditions it wasnt all I had hoped for.
I second Elizabeth's suggestion about the windows having at least a partial effect (without knowing anything else about your room). I find that opening the windows has a noticeable impact in my room--it's a less than ideal layout with lots of glass, so my effect may be more pronounced. At any rate, I believe having the windows open basically "vents" the higher frequency reflections that contribute to smearing and grit.

But I'm also pretty convinced that power quality (both time of day, and proper, synergistic conditioning) will contribute as well.
Did you drink good scotch at this friends house?
Thanks again for the input.
I'm going to start doing my homework re: dedicated lines.
No scotch at my friend's house.
The point I was trying to make re: the weather and open windows is that there was no ac current going through the lines and I of ourse was wondering if that had any effect on the sound.
I used to get those clean sound only in the morning, or late at night when the house is empty. Now I have that all day with my BPT.