Always spend whats nessercery on high end cables they can make ahuge difference

hi, I have tried many different cables from as many different manufacturers over 35 years, some sounded great and really believable others in the same system changed the tone and openness of the sound for the worse.
I believe components is where the serious money should go but cables are as important, in an ideal world budget should be split equally, if system cost was 40k then you could do with at least 10k on cables.
At this moment I'm running an averages hifi, used sound lab dynastats being driven by nordacoustic digital amps very open big soundstage total 2k used price. Front end was the amr cd77 swapped for lector cd 707 plus psu7 used prices around 3kgbp.
I have left a low budget for cables but I am finding the better designs are making a huge difference. For power I use jps labs aluminate and kaptos from an MS HD POWER E01MKII BLOCK 750gbp used very good block very good power cables, I have purchased the jps labs used over the years around 5k, I have compared them to other brands of the same sort of money but I always keep the jps labs.                                       
my first choice for signal cables is jps labs scv or sc3 I have tried the sc3 fantastic cable so transparent but alas no funds to complete purchase I am currently waiting on some used ones to pop up, I am currently using Townshend Audio fractal reference, interconnects and speaker cables, they are not direction able where the jps abs are. I wish I could afford both but funds are not available, I think the Townshend cables are amazing and very transparent to any power cable change I love to swop and change but with the full jps loom something very special  happened call it luck or synergy buy the system really sang , not that it don't with the fractal I think I got a soft spot for jps. I haven't heard any new cables other than the fractals but from my findings I have a modestly priced system at around 5k used with around 10k on cables which I couldn't live without. I have tried basic mains leads and belden type signal cables but it never sounds right,has anyone experienced the same when evaluating cables
Wire & connectors certainly makes a difference. More expensive isn't always better though. A lot of people here like duelund wire which is very reasonably priced. I've run them inside my speakers cabinets & they are great. Another reasonably priced cable/wire is Oyaide. Neither of those will break the bank & both outshine much higher priced products in my system. I buy bulk wire & terminate myself to keep cost down.    

It has always made sense to me to use whatever cable the manufacturer used in the design and voicing.

With all due respect I beg to differ on the investment necessary in cables for equipment to sound correctly. 10K spent on cables in a 40K system is extreme overkill on cabling, IMHO.

I would suggest that there are likely issues with the choice of equipment (synergy) and design/reliability problems with the equipment if it is so very sensitive to cabling.

Of course, if you are happy that is all that maters and it is right for you. I just feel that most discerning audiophiles should be able to find equipment that works great with quite ordinary cables.
i agree you can build a 100k  system and maybe budget 10% for cables, but i have found that spending more on cables brings more benefits, i have used all the supplied cables for power cords and no matter what signal cables i choose i couldn't get that extra 5% magic i like to hear from my system,
if you are using state of the art equipment 100k+ then average cabling will blow my cheaper system away, but if your playing with the older equipment i have to hand i have found the better designed cables such as jps sc3 really bring the magic out, its my findings that I am mentioning I'm asking has any other audiophile experienced similar
I agree better equipment will beat my equipment using the cables supplied, my point is older used equipment really can benefit from world class cables, no matter how old ones equipment is that product was built to be as good as possible within budget or like many older reference equipment no budget just build the best regardless of price. 
state of the art equipment shouldn't need huge sums spent on cables, older used products can really benefit try yourselves,
i have no mis match of components the system sounds like magic , but take the jps loom out and use supplied power cords it loses the magic, the jps power cables with the Townshend audio fractal reference cables is amazing, with the jps sc3 magical, so on paper my systems used cost is 6k for components while used price for cables is around 10k the sound is magical, no mis match the cables are letting the equipment sing 
That's right they can make a huge difference....for better or for worse.  Price should not be the determining factor....  All cables sound different in different systems.  Experiment!....  That's what this hobby is all about.