Are you spending your time at the computer instead

of listening to your system? Is your hobby leaning more and more towards internet sites and discussion groups on things hi-fi or are you still listening to as much recorded music as before? Do you do both at the same time, and if yes, do you think that it is a good thing to have a mega dollar system's sound "filtered" through a video display screen.
I split my time. I do listen a lot, and that hasn't changed since I have started to use Audiogon. But I also listen while I'm looking at Audiogon instead of say watching TV. I guess you could say I listen more because of it.
I'm with S7horton - I probably listen more due to having a computer, though I also often have a basketball game on mute while listening to music.

Do I think it's a good thing to "filter" the sound this way? That never really occurred to me as relevant if it's all about the music. -Kirk

My TV time has suffered due to my internet "surfing." I'd be surprised if I watched 10hours of TV/week. Usually it's under 5 hours/week, if that. I've listened to more radio in the car by each Wednesday than that! The rest is either spent with computers (which I do for a living), listening to audio, and maybe some mild human-to-human interaction to round out the week.
I have to admit that my listening time has definitely dropped over the last year or two. Much of this is directly attributable to computer time while some of it is just due to being busier over all. Thanks for reminding me about this though, as i had promised myself that i need to spend less time "puting" and more time doing something productive. I'll probably end up putting this resolution to the test with the long week-end coming up. Sean
Sorry missed this thread been listening to my system........................
Since rediscovering vinyl about 5 months ago I've not had the time to hang around Agon or the asylum. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Agon very much and used to visit daily. However now I have become obsessed with buying all the vinyl that I possibly can before it disappears. I have bought about 500 albums in the last 3 months. That's a lot of new music and I feel obligated to listen to all of it. Therefore I have had no time to spend on the computer except to buy more albums. Pardon me, a new lot of albums just arrived. I must go listen to them now.
I have been listening less and surfing more. My system is in a bit of a funk lately. I hope surfing will help the system to the point where I will be surfing less.
Artemus 5, that's a real nice problem to have. I wish I were so lucky. I don't own 200 albums, and it has taken me about 7 years to gather the meager collection I have. I'm jealous.
Why not do both? The "quiet click" keyboard helps. True ... not concentrating as much on the music. Overall though, isn't community as important as art?
A have a second system in the home office/den, so I don't miss a beat. Even has phono.
This is what I do while watching my 2 yr old daughter play in the sandbox or watch educational videos. Rest time. Strange little girl, likes Mingus but not Miles, loves Mendelssohn, but no Beethoven but the 3rd Symphony, loves Marshall Tucker Band and the Tom Tom Club.

Mommy thinks the music is too loud for her, can only listen at realistic levels when they go out, as the main system is too close Gigi's bedroom.