Alternatives to Psvane KT-88's ?

 For the third retubing of my VAC Phil 300.1, I returned to the once reliable Psvane power (CV-181)  and output (KT-88) tubes. Sadly, it seems that  something has changed in their production specs. My guess is that their KT-88's now operate with higher plate voltage, making biasing a real challenge. Has anyone out here experienced similar difficulties ? What I'm listening to now is more mid-fi than the magic that had me hooked me for years. Can you suggest alternatives that can continue bring out the best of my Shindo pre-amp, Wilson Sophia 3's, and Purist cables ? I thank you for your input; the virtual beauty that used to enliven the space between, behind, above and outside my speakers is gone, leaving me with a similar vacancy.
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People seem to like the Genalex Gold Lion KT-88's very much. I've never tried them, my amp uses EL34 tubes but I will say in my system the Gold Lion KT-77 crushed the Psvane EL34 tubes no contest at all. Not exactly apples to apples but hopefully helpful.
I had some issues with Psvane tubes, albeit preamp tubes (seemingly sloppily made and one exploded)…but I can say the Gold Lion KT88s currently in my push-pull amp are a fabulous, somewhat "neutral" tube…a characteristic I personally like. KT120s are also a great sounding tube (used a set until they wore out…took a couple of years!), and I've used 150s which didn't match my amp's capabilities so they're benched. I also have lightly used Sovtek 88s (a pretty good tube…blue glow galore), and Tung Sol 6550s (came stock and are also neutral sounding)…but the GLs are in another league it seems.
I really like the Preferred Series KT88 from The Tube Store, in Canada, in my VAC 300.1a. These are identical to Shugang KT88SC, like the original stock tubes (which VAC stopped being able to source, I was told by Brent) but are far more dependable for some reason. The VAC tubes constantly had problems whereas the Preferred Series versions have been rock solid for me. The same tube is also branded Penta KT88.

I much prefer them to the GLs, which are mechanical to my ears. Too bad, because I bought two match quads plus a pair and they sit in my tube closet.
Maybe sell me the GLs so you can free up some tube closet room. I also use ""…classy bunch there.
The problem with Chinese tubes is quality, you must buy them from a trusted seller.
I find the T-ll Psvane slightly better than vintage GEC the reissue GL and Shouguang's. The reissue GL from Jim McShane are the best value and very reliable but they take 200 hours to break in. 
wrm57 I'm curious about those peered series KT88's. I also own a VAC, not to go off Dr-John's topic.
mid40sguy, I like ’em well enough to have bought eight quads, just in case. Yes, I’m a little nuts. I sourced my GLs from Jim, too. I should add that I'm not dissing this tube. There's a lot to like in it, and I'm clearly an outlier in my opinion. My ears, my system, I just prefer the Preferred Series.

wolf, I think I’ll keep them. You never know!
BTW, I just swapped in two new quads of the PS KT88 a couple weeks ago. The old quads were trouble-free for around 2,500 hours, then developed a bit of a hum in a couple of tubes. No bias issues, just a hum. The other six still sounded good and biased fine but I went ahead and replaced them all, anyway. IMO, that’s a solid KT88.