Anyone here tried Psvane 845TII or WE845?

I've tried most 845s in my home brew PSE845 monos including NOS and had settled on the Psvane 845T a couple of years back. Haven't regretted and it's for this reason that I'm curious about the newer TII and the WE versions. Are they sonically similar to the T and is the WE sonically the best or just better made (or marketed)?

I can tell you this, I have heard the new WE 845 in my friend's Absolare Passion amps and right out the box they sound very good. That was a week ago, I'll hear them again later today. The standard Shuguangs he had were pretty good actually(heard them numerous times) but these Psvane WE are clearly better.
Circo, I have the new WE845 tubes and think they are great. I have the Shuguang Treasure series 845 which I think are similar to your Psvanes. I only have about 11 hours on them, but already notice that they are more refined and more organic sounding than the treasure series. I will report back after 100 hours.
Thanks for the feedback guys, I'd appreciate any further updates you may have. I'm going to buy one or the other, just haven't made up my mind which yet.
tried both you will be happy with either the TII or the WE REPLICA they both are superb only difference we heard was a bit tighter bass and the sound with orchestral music was a bit better using the REPLICA ..we stuck with the II