Alon Mark IV vs. B&W 801/3 and Aerial 10 T

How do those early 90's Alons match up against B&W 801 series 3 and Aerial 10 T? They seem to share similar looks and design concepts.And how close is Aerial 10 T to B&W soundwise?I appreciate all your responses.
I've heard all these speakers many times in many systems. IMHO, the Aerial had the best balance of them. The Alon has nice mids & highs, a very big & deep soundstage(especiallly for a larger box), and is tube friendly(granted, you need a fairly beefy amp). Downside of the IV is boomy, slow bass, bettered by the V or the lower-priced II.
The B&W's strengths are it's lively dynamics and deep bass, especially when driven by hearty ss amps such as a Krell, BAT or McCormack. The highs on the B&W are too sterile, and dry sounding to me, making the system call too much attention to itself. An example of "too hi-fi", not enough music.
The Aerial is a nice balance between the 2. Deep, tight bass, but not as strong as the 801. Nice soundstage, though not as wide nor deep as the Alon IV. Natural timbre, a slightly warm balance, but not extremely.
I believe there are different iterations of the 10T with varying tweeters, later the better. Can't say the robot-like looks appeal to many. The Alon's call much less attention to themselves.
The Alon V's (higher priced, and not sold in as great a number), are a serious contender that I think beats any of these 3 hands down. Regardless of which you choose, be sure to get them a few feet away from the back & side walls or you'll get far from their best. Cheers, Spencer
agree with the comments on the alon IV and V. they sound/image like a magnapan but with bass and dynamics. the v has a better bottom end with a smalller cabinet and woofer

tha alons are great speaker that go to 25 hz and does very little wrong. please note that they are very revealing of associated gear which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the quality.

they do require a little tweeking, but when they are dialed in, you can expect sonic nirvana ( i really think that can be said of all 3 speakers).

also agree with spencer on the placment, all the above need to be out from the side walls and back walls to get the best from these speakers.

good luck
I own the 10t's And I prefer them over the B&W's They are a little more robust sounding on the bottom with a great midrange and unmatched "new England style high end smoothness. They are a steal used! The B& W's I have listen to are also nice but they are not as relaxed and laid back yet very clearly detailed as the Aerials, as that is the sound I prefer.