Aerial 20T or Proac D100

Thinking of upgrading my ProAc D80... I use them with a complete Theta setup including the Citadel monos.

My dealer here in Europe where I live has Proac and Aerial speakers so I think I will stick to one of those brands. I have always been a ProAc fan, so the D100 maybe seem to be the strongest candidate to me, but I have never heard the 20T (my dealer does not have them) so I would be interested if anyone could give some opinions or hints of the differences in sound qualities between the two. Thanks!!
I have the same set up as you all Theta and the Citadels. I have the Aerial 20T's and they are awesome.
Aerials' ribbon tweeter versus the proac tweeter. Proacs deserve kudos for what they are able to accomplish with thier tweeter. However, it is no match for aerials' ribbon.
Gregadd, but what about the midrange? I believe the 3" soft dome from ATC is pure magic...
And the D100 also has two 10" for bass.
Could the smaller 20T beat this ?
Worldcat, good to know that you are happy with the Theta-Aerial combo. I would like to know if you have compared the 20Ts with speakers from other high end manufacturers in your setup?
Hobby-I did not judge proac or aerial to"excel" in the midrange. Yes the smaller 20t could.
only the Model 9's from Aerial. I really liked those as well with my setup.
Today, I have placed my order for a new pair of 20T's with Natural Sycamore finish. I have relocated and will build a new 2 channel system with these.
You are a lucky man. I'm not a huge fan of the Aeriel house sound in the lower levels of the line, but you will like the 20Ts. But I thought Aeriel was out of business at one time not too long ago. Did you just order these through your dealer? What is the wait/delivery time?

I think you will be very happy with your decision.

Congrats! A speaker to live with and enjoy for a long time.
why not the aerial 10t or the pro ac response 3. yes i realize these two designs sound different but they are both excellent products.
Aerial is not out of business! I have order my pair through my dealer here in Norway where I live. I am not sure about the delivery time. Doesn't bother me too much since my listenig room is under construction so I will not need the speakers before early 2007.

I have traded in my Proac D80's...
I have had my 20Ts in 4 months now. Absolutely love them. Check my system!