Will a Krell 300il integrated run Aerial 10t's

I recently came across a pair of 10t Aerial speakers for $2250.00. Any problems anyone knows of with them? I currently have B&W CDM7NT's and listen to a lot of Rock and Blues music. I like to listen at higher volumes and am wondering if my krell will push them. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
200wpc should drive just about any home speaker.
whats the effeciency of these speakers? Max power input? Impedance?

Unless they are rated at ike, 50db, 16ohm, 50,000W max...?

The 10 ts are ineficient at 87 db sensitivity or near that. They sound best when driven by stable amps and the Krell will drive them . The Aerials are classics and you will not be dissapointed and most likely be an "Aerial " man for life. Like me....
The 10T's have been well received for years. They won Stereophile's Speaker of the Year award in 1996. They thrive on power and the more the merrier. They are capable of phenominal bass in the right configuration.

Several years ago, it appeared that many 10T owners were using krell amps to power them. But then again, I've never met a krell owner yet that I liked. :)

I would venture a guess that the sound you would get from this krell mated with the 10T's would be somewhat rounded and on the warm (rich?) side of life with at least a little bass punch thrown in.

For the price you're talking about, there probably is not a better overall speaker.

Due to crossover changes, I would recommend staying with the newer versions. Those that were built 1997 and later.