Aloia's and Power

I purchased an Aloia inductive powered preamp last year which I am thorougly enjoying. It's mated with an Ayre V-3 power amp rated at 100 watts. Recently, I've wondered what an Aloia inductive powered amp would do for my system, and I noticed there are a number of people on this site with the Aloia amp. My question is, will I experience a loss in my ability to play music loud with a 30-watt Aloia amp versus my 100 watt Ayre? I'm using Meadowlark Shearwater speakers, which at 89 DB are easy to drive so that shouldn't be a problem. But I don't want to loose too much in the way of volume, as I do like to crank it up once in a while. Thanks for any light Aloia users can shed on this subject. It does appear to be one honey of an amp.

Even if the Aloia is conservatively rated, bear in mind that the V3 is similarly rated. I believe that you would lose about 5dB of dynamic range; a significant reduction indeed. Conversely I just went from a V3 to a Perreaux 350, also about a 5dB difference. But the change in dynamic drive seems much greater than that. If I had gone the other way (Perreaux to Ayre) I'd be real dissapointed. And I'm not a V3 detractor by any means; in fact I have two of them and they are very fine amps indeed.
The Aloia is the best amp for controlling the Dunlavy V's I have had in my system. I had amps with up to 300 watts per channel that couldn't do the job that the Aloia's do. It's the current that drives the speakers. Apparently nothing to do with the amount of Watts in this case. The inductive power supply makes the difference
As the previous poster asserts, I think you will be suprised (pleasantly)with how the Aloia controls your speakers.
aloias' are conservatively rated at 30 watts but actually measure out at about 75 watts.i have vr5s and the aloia will play loud enough to make my ears bleed. you will not be unhappy with them.
I've had an Ayre in my system, granted some time back. I've now got Aloia bi-amped with my Dunlavy IVa's. The system began with one Aloia and due to the great price/value I bought a second.
Comparison, there is none. All the things the Ayre is trying to do are actually done with the Aloia. In that you have the pre-amp already, the match will amaze you.
Yes! do try it. Your speakers are a bit less sensitive than the Dunlavy and that would be the only reason I can think of that you would not like these amps, but you have to try.
Thanks to all for their kind responses. I believe I will have to give these Aloia amps a shot!

Just for the archive. I have one Aloia 13.01 driving Apogee Stages with no problems. Sound wonderful. Amp only gets slightly warm. I hear no sense of strain and sounds better in every respect than other 100w, 200w (8 ohms) solid state amps I have tried so far and betters most tube amps in midrange reproduction.