Tube dac for my Aloia Cdp


I've recently dusted off some of my gear and got back into 2.1 listening and HT. My system:

Tekton Electrons
McIntosh 402 amp
Anthem MRX 520 avr
Aloia Cdp
Mac mini with Scott Nixon usb tube dac
Piega Mk11 sub

I ran the ARC from Anthem and everything sounds fantastic. I've never been able to truly integrate a sub into 2.1 listening and the Anthem does it flawlessly. I'm using my Mac Mini as a server with a tube dac streaming Tidal Hifi and it sounds pretty good BUT I like the punch my Aloia cd player has. I used to have a Scott Nixon tube dac for the Aloia but have misplaced it in several moves and really miss it. I've tried reaching out to Scott Nixon but not sure that he's even in business. His dacs are pretty inexpensive and are the real deal in my book. 

If I can't locate a recent issue Scott Nixon tube dac for the Aloia does anyone have a suggestion for under $1000. The Nixon cost my $650 I believe. 

Regarding the Tekton Electrons musicality. Unreal! I just purchased them a month ago so they're broke in and present quite nicely. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 


Brent Knoll
Update. I recently was able to get a hold of Scott Nixon and have a tube dac on the way. They're so damn good and so damn cheap!