have anyone heard the new aloia cd player

looking to up grade from the arcam fmj23 cd player, what do you think.
I posted a thread on May 2, a few months back in comparison to the Lector CDP-7T, no real response.

Call Steve @ 1-800-752-4018, he has more imfo on the Aloia.
I recently purchased an Aloia CDP 11.01 from Hi Fi Farm to use
as a transport with an Accuphase DC-61 DAC and Genesis Digital lens. I think that it bettered my previous combination of PS Audio Lambda II with Mark Levinson 360S DAC. In addition I am using the Whest Audio DAP 10 discrete analog processor at the end of the chain.
Related components: Sound Lab M1's (latest mods) powered by Bryston 14B-SST. Preamp is Bel Canto Pre-2.