All in one brand, please help

My audiophile husband told me of an 'acceptable' all in one table top system that would play iPod and cd. He said will you please at least consider the ??? brand, as I was threatening him that I was gonna buy a ..... gasp, Bose Wave. As I just wanted to be able to listen to the darn radio in our room and often can't remember how to correctly configure the components! I don't want to give in and ask him, please help me.

Signed, low wife acceptance factor (waf)
Curious: Why not ask him?

The Bose Wave includes speakers, not sure if that's a prerequisite or if external speakers are acceptable.

What's your budget? For example, if it were me, and it has to be tidy and compact, I'd buy a Naim Uniti and a pair of Harbeth P3 speakers, used if available, and be thrilled with it. That's several thousand dollars, but it is fun to listen to and has staying power as a second system.

Another good one is the Focal Bird system. No CD there though.

At other price points and maybe without CD, you'll find some nice products by Peachtree Audio, Bowers and Wilkins, Marantz, Arcam and so on.

If you give your budget, you'll get a lot of good ideas here.
Ditto for the's ideal.
What brand did your husband suggest?
Check out Cambridge They have one in one systems. some with bluetooth as well.
Check out the new KEF300x speakers. Simply plug in your iPod and it will provide mind-blowing sound. Best system I have ever heard, and I used to do the advertising for the Bose Wave series.
Go to kef speakers and click on digital systems. You will find the x300a. Best system out there. 800 dollars. Just heard it at the SHOW in Newport Beach.
This is headed to divorce court. If you can't talk about the the basics of life, like high quality audio, all else is lost. Time to head to couples audio counseling, and do so quickly.
Tivoli. That's what you're looking for.

There are millions of different ways to skin this cat. But who wants a skinless cat, and I'd bet dollars to doughnuts Tivoli is what you were both trying to talk about. Pick the one that does what you want it to (I'd likely go with the "Music System").
What did he recommend?
Teac all the way.
KEFs newer products are making some big waves....
Teac, seconded.