Alfa Core Goertz MI2

On another thread I asked for recommendations for IC and speaker cables. These were recommended more than once, and I've done considerable research since and this cable keeps coming up. I've decided to give it a try.

However, my speakers have the bi-wire/amp inputs and the MI2 bi-wire's are not within my budget, not to mention they're already a 10g wire with a single run. Therefore, I'll be forced to use the jumper that came with my speakers (Energy Veritas 2.3i's) which is basically a flat plate which is gold plated.

So basically I'll have the Goertz into the on set of inputs and then transferred to the other via this connector. You guys think this is going to be a problem, and if so, what do you recommend?
Stock plate jumpers on speakers are not very good. You may want to purchase a pair of wire jumpers to replace the stock ones. Maybe someone can chime in on a good budget pair. Or maybe make your own, spades or bananas and wire? These would be better than the stock ones too.

Good luck.
You will probably want to upgrade your jumpers. Goertz probably fix you up with some made with the same wire as the cables. The jumper plates that come with speakers normally add glare and harshness to the sound.
I use the Goertz jumpers on my speakers with the MI-2 Veracity cables. The jumpers are made from the same wire as the cables. These will set you back a whopping $20 if I recall. You may have to trim them to get them to fit as I had to, but t's easy to do and will work a lot better than the brass jumpers that came with your speakers.
I didn't realize they sold the jumpers, but I went ahead a placed an order for these as well. I also didn't reazlie they were made from the same material as the cables.

Also, since you own these cables mind if I ask what connectors you chose? I went with the Rhodium spades on both ends, but don't know if theat was the right choice. Seemd to me the silver would change the sound of the cable? Also considered getting bannana's at the speaker end.

What type of connectors are generally considered the best at the amp and at the speaker terminals?
I went with the solid silver spades. As to which type of connectors are generally better, I really have no idea. I'm sure there are probably several good answers to the question. I just know that what I have on my speakers right now works great for me. That's the only opinion it comes down to in the end.
Got my cables in this week, but just got around to hooking them up today. Also bought the Gore Copper jumpers and they work just fine. Looks like they're actually made from the same material as the cable. First impressions are very good. Don't know if these require much of a break-in so I can only comment how they sound with just a little playing time on them. The bass is fast and tight, but not as extended as my Monster MI4's. Very good dynamics and detail with nice soundstage, but not at all exagerated. The depth of the soundstage is not as deep as the Monsters. The Monsters have a warm open sound, the Gore's are more of a detailed and quick sound similar to some of the Nordost cables I've heard. Just more open and realistic. So far I'm happy. Very different from the Monsters and in my system an improvment.
Not much break-in time required. You should know how these cables sound within a 100 hours.
Any of you guys read this article?:

Has me very worried about using the M1-2's. Sounds like it could cause damage to my amp. Goertz mentions this in their literature, but they don't make it out to be that big of a deal. This article, which I pulled from the Audioholics website make it seema as though damage is imminent.

Comments please.
ALWAYS ask for and use the "impedance matching" device aka "Zobel networks" that Goertz will provide free of charge. This protects the amplifier and helps to reduce the potential for RFI to enter the audio system via the speaker cabling acting as an antenna. Many "high end" audio companies market VERY expensive Zobel networks in fancy packaging for these very reasons. Sean
My MI-2 Veracity speaker cables came with the Zobel network integrated in the cable design, where the leads split off at the end (there is a blue wire that loops from one lead to the other). You usually need to indicate at the time of ordering that you want the Zobel's and Alpha Core will do this for you.

I faintly recall though that one of their engineers told me they are doing this standard now since the Zobel will not harm anything, just help in certain situations where through the use of the cables an amp may oscillate (according to Alpha Core these are usually solid state amps with negative feedback). You can go to their site and order the Zobel's (I think they are free) and install them yourself across the speaker binding posts (usually the top pair if you have a speaker that allows for bi-wire set-up). Alpha Core has more information on their site about this. Also, I believe there is a more elaborate DIY method explained on the Merlin site for building your own Zobel network.
Thanks for the help. I did get a set of these jumpers with my cables, but I didn't put them on initially because the Goertz literature said to use them if necessary. I haven't had any problems without them, but I went ahead and installed them this evening just to be safe. I was afraid they would effect the sound, but it doesn't appear they do, so no big deal.

Glad this turns out to be a non issue, because I'm completely satisfied with the performance of this cable.