Goertz MI2 Python...bright???

I've been looking for some detailed yet smooth speaker cables for my Paradigm Studio 100s (which are forward in my set-up). The best so far is Cardas Quadlink, but some detail is missing. So I'm auditioning Analysis Plus Oval 12s (nice so far) and Alpha-Core Goertz Python (MI2)...My findings and questions:

-- The Oval 12s are more forgiving than the Oval 9s (which I auditioned and returned), but sort of lack excitement (maybe a good thing for a change...).

-- The Pythons, which claim NO burn-in time, sound forward to me, but very detailed.

Obviously, I want both detail and smoothness. Has anyone found that the Goertz cables actually do change over time (smooth out)? I like the construction and the look of them (I want to like the SOUND), so any feedback re: Goertz or any other cables would be appreciated. Thanks!
No, the Goertz will not smooth out for you anymore than they already have. I have the MI3. In addition to the Cardas you are already trying I recommend that you check out Tara Labs and JPS Labs. I have some Tara Labs cables coiled up on the floor. They sound fine, smooth and all that, it just isn't where I prefer to go with my system.
Never tried the Python's, but their "standard" flat MI-2 sounds like it will give you what you want. This cable is higher in capacitance though, so it would be best to check with a KNOWLEDGEABLE dealer as to if you'll need the impedance compensation networks ( Zobel ).

Never tried the Oval 12's, but i found the Oval 9's to be extremely "tizzy" sounding on top and lacking any type of low frequency authority. Friends that have tried both the 9's and the 12's have typically preferred the 12's.

I agree with your comments about the Cardas. It is smooth and non-fatiguing but can also be somewhat vague in presentation. If you are looking for a heightened sense of clarity and focus ( but also somewhat "quick and lean" on bottom end ), you can give Nordost a try. They do not come across as "bright" or "glaring", simply very sharp and detailed. Whether or not you like the lack of mid-bass is both system and personal taste dependent. Sean