Aleph Clone, thumps on turn off, and on turn on...

So how much should I worry about this?
Aleph Clone, thumps on turn off, and on turn on... Actually, I lied, no audible thump on turn on, just on turn off Not the first time I have ever seen this in my audio years Slight dc leakage to the speakers??
this amp is really powerful Class A , does 60 watts into 8 ohm and 100 watt into 4 ohm...sound is really different, I am surprisingly preferring it to my Krell I am still trying to get used to the idea of that. I am running it with a KRC-3 preamp into totem model 1's...I remove the XLR pin jumpers, and the power of the amp cuts in half, and I can drive my preamp around 4PM or 5PM and it sounds amazing, so true and sweet like some triode amp, whatever, with the jumper pins back in this thing is loud as hell and riveting bass, so anyway, all things are go except 1) there is this audible thump (not loud) on turn off...does that really hurt the speakers?? Anybody know, or is it nothing to fret about..a fellow told me that all his old vintage amps do that all the time so he is used to it. 2) This thing runs as hot as a pizza oven, sounds incredible but after an hour stabilizes finally into a blazing inferno. It is the hottest running amp I have ever been in the same room with. I dont know how the components in this thing dont just up and melt 3) It is not fused and that surprised amp that has enough inrush current to dim lights for a millisecond in a post WWII apartment like mine, and runs this hot, obviously uses alot of current, or for that matter any piece of active electronics, isn't it just bad electronics or dangerous to not have the thing fused in case of an internal power short?? I dont know which Pass model it is fashioned after, but it sounds like a tube amplifier with dry tubes or something, really beautiful with strings and chamber music, but this one has alot of power and bass for such a diminutive chassis.
I have a pass aleph 3 and it thumps softly on turn off. I don't think it thumps on turn on. If the clone does the same thing, it may be a characteristic of the design.

I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. It's not a loud or uncomfortable sound, just a soft thump.
Own the Aleph J clone and have owned the Aleph J Mini clone and both have turn off thump. Not to worry.