Pass Labs Aleph 3

Can a 30 wpc Pass Aleph 3 easily power a pair of 86 db speakers (Von Schweikert VSM-3) in a 20' x 20' room? I'm skeptical. The rest of my system is a Wadia 12 DAC, Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Pre and a Levinson No. 37. Thanks
Hello, I have been running a pair of Hales Revelation Three speakers (86.5 dB) with an Aleph 3, and this combination works remarkably well. I was amazed how well the Aleph 3 ran the speakers. My listening room size is slightly larger. There is a good chance that your combo will work well too. Before you buy, try to audition this setup, just to make sure you are satisfied with the results. Good luck!
I just sold my Aleph 3, but I had been using it to drive my NHT 3.3's. I think the 3.3's are a little more efficient than your speakers. My room is about 16' X 24' X 9'. I was surprised at how well the Aleph 3 did at driving my speakers overall, but it had its limits (which was why I sold it). The bass was acceptable but quite weak compared to my Classe' CA-300. And the low end would smear on transient passages. But the mids and highs were fantastic even at fairly high volume levels. I would be a little leery of recommending an Aleph 3 to you, especially if you like loud, dynamic music. I think I'd suggest you go with the Aleph 5 (60wpc) which can be had on the used market for about $500 more than the 3. However, if you're only into soft, acoustic music, you might be able to get away with the 3. Just be aware that bass is its weakest suit. Good luck.
Thanks for the posts guys. I generally listen to late '60s, early '70s music. The volume control rarely goes past 9:00 on the dial when I use my current amp, a Bryston 3B.
I have heard that the aleph 3 is a soft clipper when it runs out of steam. Audio-Video logic in Des Moines sells new volksamp aleph 30's as well as used units. You might want to give them a ring. I too would recommend that you go for more power.