Pass Aleph 3 high current?

I have some legacy speakers that have four drivers per speaker. The speakers are high efficiency (better than 90 db) but they will draw some current. The drivers are two Focal kevlar 7 5/6" mid bass drivers and two tweeters per speaker. Would a Pass Aleph drive these well?

Why not ask Nelson Pass? Find their web site--I think it's look for a "contact" email address. He's always given me fairly prompt (often very prompt) and very useful replies. I have two Aleph 3's that I'm using as monoblocks, but can't answer your question. I'd bet he can.
IMO the Pass is up to the task.The Aleph-3 is a high current, full class A bias.It doubles to 60 wpc at 4 ohms.I have 92 dB 8ohm 3 way speakers and I get more volume than I need and very good dynamics and bass.My room is 21x15x8