Preamp Recommendation for Pass Aleph Amp

Looking for a Pre to match up with Pass Aleph O's Stereo Amp.

Tube or SS makes no difference, just want something to compliment the Aleph.

Price range Max $1500 or maybe alittle more.

My first choice would be Pass Aleph P.

Had this combo but w/different Aleph amp.

I like the VTL 2.5 & early BAT units too.
I agree with Driver, loved my Aleph 3 with the Aleph P and connect them using balanced interconnects, since you have that option with the O.
Could either one of you tell me the sonic signature of the Aleph P. What can be expected from the top to bottom of the spectrum.

What power cords and IC did you use.

What did the Balance give you over the RCA.
Generally speaking, I know Balance will give you a larger sound stage.

The Pass amps are optimized to work best balanced. The Pass Aleph O's have a lower than typical input impedance that won't compliment many tube pre's.
I had both the remote & non-remote version of these. I liked the remote version a tad bit more but the non-remote is a great piece too.

I would say the signature was still on the warm side of neutral but not as much as the Aleph amp. Cords-way too many to mention (over 75, as I was experimenting a lot!) but the standard design for the IC I settled on (and still use) is a solid core copper 20-22 gauge with very little sheathing/insulation. For the PC it didn't seem to matter that much, so I just used a basic 12 ga. copper wire w/gold ends.
The Doge 8 is easily the best preamp under $2,500. It lists at about $1,500 and is available from Pacific Valve. It also has a very good phono stage and is unbelievably well built and good looking.


I'm a long time owner of an Aleph Os. This amp had been driving a pair of Unity Audio Signature 1s in my second system until my son was born 7 years ago, and my wife "confiscated" the room and turned it into his bedroom. Whatever got retired from the main system got added to this system. I had tried the ARC LS-1, -2B mk II, -3 in this system. As both the amp and the speakers are on the warm side, I would recommend a preamp that are on the cool side. I had since sold the preamps, but my wife mandated that I keep the rest of the equipment. She thinks the midrange is to die for. I've purchased the Aleph P w/ remote, that is the latest version with all the updates. they go pretty quickly whenever they show up on the used market. Make sure it is version 1.7 (I think). I can't comment on the sound as I am waiting for my house remodel to be done so I can get this system up and running. But I do find it annoying that the mechanical volume pot makes this sound when turning. It's like hundreds of typewriter keys tapping at the same time. I checked w/ Pass, and they said that is normal.
If you happened to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would gladly bring it over to try on your system as I'm dying to hear how it sound.

I do appreciate all the info thus far.

Gundam91 thanks for the offer, unfortunately we are on opposite sides of the coast.

Driver has had both, and describes what you should be expecting from your remote version.
Don't know if the Doge 8 is any goof or not, but 620ohm output might not be ideal for the Aleph series amps. I would think you almost always have to go with a SS pre or a passive with buffer.