Albinoni's adagio

I am looking for a great version of what's known as albinoni's adagio.  Can you point me to one?
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You can go to Presto Classical.  They have sound samples.  I have used that feature several times.  Come to think of it, sometimes I buy more than one!
Gary Karr on double bass, accompanied by Harmon Lewis on organ. The Cisco LP reissue is amazing if you can find it. This is a demo, crowd always drops jaws after hearing it. Cheers,
The above version by I Musici on Philips  is a wonderful recording of the Albinoni and contains many other fine pieces as well.
Thank you so much for those recommendations.
To start with, i ordered the Garry Karr version.  I do not know what to expect in terms of quality as it is a reissue imported from i will choose one played by a big orchestra.
If you are getting Super Analog Disc, as here:
then you are safe: the highest quality LP! I still remember that I snatched mine, still sealed, from a $5 bin.
For a complete set do not forget about "An American Prayer" by The Doors, the last song there is an Adagio
Looking forward to your reaction. 

This record always reminds me of a passage from an early Michael Crichton novel. A guy enters a home where his friend sits on the floor Indian style with his back towards him and a pair of headphones on his head. When he further enters the room he sees tears streaming down his friend's face. He asks what's wrong and is told "Nothing is wrong, I am listening to Albinoni's adagio.". 
I can recommend Albini's (& co) "At Action Park"...
I just received the cd... it is a digital remastering of the 61 recording made in1982 by king recordings of japan or for the japanese market.
I am playing it right now on my small bookshelves, the wharfedale denton 80th anniversary, assisted by a svs 12 " sealed sub.
Thd organ is well in the background playing notes spread out from left to right, with the contrebass in the center and much closer, maybe an inch to the left.  They must have played it in a large space because there's some reverb, but you can hear gary karr's breathing loudly at times.
I'm not a fan of baroque, but the adagio is played very smoothly and delicately, and this piece is one that evokes the most sentiments for sure. It's also a real test for speakers.. i'll play it on my totem hawks this weekend for closer to full effect.
Another piece that moves a listener brilliantly also is my favorite  the concerto de aranjuez by rodrigo... not the same period but very effective..., 
"Another piece that moves a listener brilliantly also is my favorite  the concerto de aranjuez by rodrigo... not the same period but very effective.."

Chrisr ...

One of my favorites also. I have probably as least 20 different version of it. If you have a turntable, this is the best in my collection. Its stunning:

For the CD player, I'd recommend this one:

The CD is recorded at a low level so crank it up. 

For something different and very beautiful, try this Isabelle Moretti harp rendition of the Concierto di Aranjuez.  Also recorded at a very low level ... so crank this one up too.

Thanks Frank... I'll definetely look into john williams recordings.
This piece always reminds me of the movie "Rollerball" - the original,  with James Caan. I had heard it before, but it never made a big impression on me until I heard it full blast in the theater. I immediately went out and got the soundtrack. 

It's Previn, with the LSO, maybe not the definitive version, but certainly worth seeking out. Previn's other tracks on this LP are interesting,  too.
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