after-market power cord with PS Audio P5?

Straight-forward question for *P5 owners*.  Have you experimented with an after-market power cord, and did it make a difference?  If so, how significant was it?  Was it one of PS A's own models, or did you go elsewhere?
I already had a PS Audio Statement power cord for my PPP that I traded in to get the much superior P5.  I never tried the stock cord as Paul McGowan is quite definite that his regenerators benefit from upgraded cables.

Also, don't ignore vibration isolation .  If you think about it, Paul's regenerators are power amps geared to a very specific mission, so the regens. benefit from vibration treatment like power amplifiers do.
@twoleftears   I just checked out your system here. I assume your P5 is replacing the Furman?  If so, what sonic differences, if any, have you noticed?
On my P5 I was using a Kimber PK 10 Base Kord.  On my now P10 I am using the same Kimber PK 10 Base and experimenting with a Magic Signal Cable Power Cord of longer length due to moving things around.  IMO the two different cords sound very similar in this context.  IMO the P5 and P10 are not in need of a mega $$ cord only one in which is of the heavier gauge, high current type.  
I do not own the P5, but I do own a PS Audio P-600.
When I found that a Pangea AC9ES sounded better on my Furman REF20i than the previous Pangea AC9 I tried it on the PS Audio P-600 and was surprised the original Pangea AC9 was definitely better than the AC9SE on the PS Audio P600.
So from my experience I would say clearly different powercords can make a difference on PS Audio gear..
P5 is direct from PSA and currently on 1-month audition.  Likely going back because I just found out the P5 and P10 are as of now very recently discontinued and being replaced with new models coming in April.  On installation I noticed the stock "courtesy" cord, just to get you started.  P5 plugged in but is not settled yet.  Multiwave 6 seems to provide lowest background noise when all turned on but no music playing.  Very early impressions were of piano+orchestra, with P5 piano seemed to stand out more, be more clearly delineated as soloist, a little more forward and spotlighted.  Not sure if I liked the effect or not.  I would need to listen again sans P5 to confirm.  Work is getting in the way of auditioning.