Aesthetix Calypso Signature

I'm not sure how long this has been out, but sure would like to here comments about it from owners. Anybody here have it already? Have you compared it to other pre-amps?
I have the Janus that I upgraded to Signature a few months ago. I think it is fantastic. It is the best preamp and phono stage I have ever heard.

I bought the unit used. It was already at Aesthetix as the previous owner was getting it checked out and ready to sell as he moved up to the Jupiter series. Aesthetix fully upgraded the unit and included a new 3 year warrenty.

I highly recommend the upgrade. The people there are great to work with as well. It will take a while as I understand a lot of Saturn series owners are doing the upgrade.

What does the upgrade cost please???
The upgrade cost $3500
hi frankg,my Aesthetix Calypso Signature is to arrive ,but my english is too bad,so i will take a few photos later
Aesthetix Audio has announced their Saturn Series Signature preamplifiers plus the Jupiter Series Io Eclipse and Callisto Eclipse preamplifiers. The Signature versions of the highly regarded Saturn preamplifiers incorporate similar improvements as developed for the Jupiter Signature series. Saturn Signature units use costly custom hybrid Teflon coupling capacitors, replacing the polypropylene units at critical inter-stage points. Both Rhea Signature and Janus Signature use hand tuned RIAA networks. Retail pricing for Calypso Signature line stage and Rhea Signature phono stage are $7,000 each, the Janus Signature full function preamp is $10,000. Standard versions remain in the line at $4,500 for the Calypso, $4,000 for the Rhea and $6,500 for the Janus. Any Saturn preamp can be factory upgraded to Signature status beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2008. Signature upgrade is $2,500 for the Calypso, $3,000 for the Rhea, and $3,500 for the Janus.
Anyone else done it yet?
anyone else got the upgrade??
Just got the calypso and can't believe how good it sounds, wonder what it'll be like in signature.
Anyone still using Aesthetix gear? It is some of the very best tubed electronics. Happy Listening!
I'm using a Calypso Signature with my Magnepan 3.7i's, Sanders Magtech, and Schiit Bifrost Multibit.  Switched out the tubes to Shuguang 12ax7 prototypes and Reflektor '75 Silver Shields.

I upgraded from an Odyssey Candela and was a little underwhelmed.  It's definitely better than the Candela but probably not worth the additional cost.  The Calypso did improve with the tube changes though. 
Anyone still using Aesthetix gear? It is some of the very best tubed electronics. Happy Listening!

Jfant, I'm still wedded to my Aesthetix Io Signature with volume controls for my front end. After fifteen years with this phono stage, I've not heard anything I'd exchange it for other than the Eclipse upgrade. 
TY- limniscate & rushton.

I feel this company is producing excellent tubed gear that competes w/ the old stalwarts-ARC and Conrad Johnson.
I'm using the Janus signature in my rig and love it.  Can be be a bit fussy on tubes though especially in the phono stage.  Tube rush when playing loud.  Also appreciate being back to full feature pre for both my phono front end and digital.  I've played a little with nos tubes and they can make a significant improvement though can get expensive with all those tubes.  I use the matsushita's from Andy at VTS.
I'm all in on Aesthetix. I want the best sound for my ear, but I don't want to go through the brain damage and expense of buying and selling (at a loss) in the search. My dealer handles many brands and he lets me demo equipment at home for extended periods, and that's why I have an Atlas Eclipse, Romulus Signature and am awaiting delivery of a Janus Eclipse. Jim White of Aesthetix is accessible and ready to discuss the differences in his equipment line and other topics such as (for me) the pros/cons of integrated vs separate phone stages. I believe that using a single manufacturer for all components (more often than not) produces a synergy whereby each component compliments the other. Along with my Aesthetix equip, I use a McIntosh streamer/NAS and a maxed-out LP-12. So if I ever want a lighter sound, or more bass punch, I'll go straight to the source and change out my cartridge. I know that sound change will seamlessly pass through my components to my ear.  I'm not searching for the holy grail of sound because I know I'd run out of money before I found it. But Aesthetix gives me the sound that my ears/brain love - and its pleasing to look at - rather that a hodge-podge of mismatching "aesthetics" - pun intended.
Good to read about so many fans- All.

Happy Listening!