Aesthetix/Ayre recomended signal-/speakercables.

I have a system consisting of Marantz SA-15S1, Aesthetix Calypso, 2 x Ayre V-5xe and Gamut L7 speakers.
I have been searching the web and reading magazines reviews of cables until my head is cooking. The cable marked is enormous and the opinions on each cable model likewise. And then one is suppose to choose one that fits the system.
Difficult task!
I'm looking for a cable "package" for a total of +/- 3000USD. I need a RCA between CD player and preamp, 2 x XLR between preamp and poweramp and biamp speaker cables. I'm planning to have the power amps as close to the speakers as possible and keep the speaker cables short.
Some will probably say it will be impossible without exceeding the budget considerably. And I guess I must agree to some extent.
If someone has a suggestion for a top 5 cables I should audition it would be highly appreciated.
Kimber is a good value cable, as is Purist. The following cables are available in the classifieds right now:
- KS 1121 1 mtr XLR for $600
- KS 1111 1 mtr XLR for $450
- KS 1020 1 mtr RCA for $450

- Purist Venustas 2 mtr with spades for $1199

That still leaves you with $300 or more left over for a power cable for your CDP.
Thank you much. I'll have a look. Hopefully there will come more suggestions for groups of cables that could be a match.
As a fellow Calypso owner, I'd recommend going all the way with Morrow Audio
cables (sold here on Audiogon). In fact I have. 60 day moneyback, I believe. I
used to spend megabucks for cables -- Kimber silver, topline AQ, Omega
Mikro, etc. No more. You'll have PLENTY left over from your $3K. Good luck,
Thanks Dave!

Anyone heard of or had any experience with Musica Bella cables? I came across their site.
It seams that there is quite a few good reviews on cables that uses silver/gold carrier.
I know that Mundorf also produces bare cables that can be used as either interconnects and/or speaker cable.
I have an all Ayre system, and Anti-Cables are a very synergistic match with my Vandersteen's. They are really worth a try...have a money back guarantee. I have tried Kimber and Purist, and like Anti-Cables better in my system. Cables are very system dependent and all prospects should be auditioned.