Audio Sensibility vs. Signal Cable speaker cable

These are two relatively new audio cable companies. Signal Cable offers a speaker cable called the "Ultra" which has generated some review comments and customer testimonials. Audio Sensibility's Testament speaker cable has only one review in "Stereo Times". Both claim to offer sound quality that is far superior to the much more expensive major brand cables.

Has anyone used, or auditioned either one of these cable brands?? Audio Sensibility's "Testament" cable seems better built and substantial compared to the Signal Cable "Ultra speaker cable, though the latter is much less expensive

However, the question is whether either can provide high-end sound quality worthy of high end speakers
My entire system cabling is Signal Cables and I am pretty happy with them. I am not sure what price point in "high end" you are looking at, but there is another gentleman on this forum who uses Signal Cable with his Legacy Whispers or the like.
Audio Sensibility also looks good, but I have no experience. You can request a trial cable from each and decide for yourself which one to go with.
I have been running Signal Ultra bi wires for about a month and they are really good for the money. Not harsh or overly revealing they are a bit to the warmer side.

Having said that, I am not a cable expert and don't have anything to compare them to.

I'm going to be trying a few different brands in the coming months to get a better feel for what works best in my system.
Have you ever seen anyone NOT saying that they have giant killers and other nonsense.

All part of the game.
Sunnyjim, I have used budget cables from Signal and anticable in the past, though not the Ultra's you site. However, I would suggest that you take a look at the VH audio offering. I have not yet tried these, but I am absolutely thrilled with the 2 VH audio Symmetry and Spectrum ICs I have. I also have quite a few of the VH audio AirSines, and my take on all of these products is that they represent enormous value and are absolutely worthy of use in high end systems.

Chris runs a no nonsense small business with no advertising. His approach benefits his customers, but I don't think he gets nearly the recognition he should based on the merits of his products.
I use Audio Sensibility cables and they sound awesome and represent excellent value. I would suggest to anyone interested in their cables to spend some time on their website.

Audio Sensibility only uses the finest material: 6N and 7N Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper supplied by Furukawa Electric of Japan, Furutech connectors, etc. These are the same material (conductors) used by Acoustic Zen, Harmonic Technology, Purist Audio Design, Audioquest (higher end), Atlas, MIT and many others BUT at a significant lower price.

You know exactly what you are buying, plus they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are interested in 7N (OCC) silver cables, their prices cannot be beat.
To Snofun, One assumption that every audiophile should make about this "obsession" is that manufacturers's goals are to make profit by making wild and generally unjustified claims about their products.

Be that as it may, we still can "hope", and should expect, that of the numerous brands of cable products available, somebody is honest, and can deliver a product to market that is outstanding and reasonable in price

To Brf, you provided the link to Audio Sensibility on another member's thread. That is how I found out about this brand of speaker cable The cable does look well made and substantial. However, Milpai's point is well taken about not knowing much about this product.

I addressed the same point in an e-mail to the designer yesterday about the one review that exists about the cables,which is not really convincing and overly enthusiastic. I realize that AS offers a 30 trial and refund policy, but do most buyers want to hand out say $500, and then have to be concerned about the refund should they return them Also, Canada has some export fees that make transaction a pain in the ass

I would say you would do members interested in this cable a large favor by informing us (first) what your speakers and electronics are. Second, and this is key, WHY YOU THINK THE SPEAKER CABLE SOUNDS AWESOME. IS THE BASS CLEAN AND TIGHT, HIGHS SMOOTH, AND THE CABLES SOUND MUSICAL, THAT IS, HOLD YOUR CONSCIOUS ATTENTION BECAUSE THEY JUST SOUND RIGHT.

Lastly, What type of music do you generally listen to??? Thanks, Sunnyjim
To Brownfan. Thank you for your recommendation of VH Audio. However, they don't seem to list models of speaker cable. In addition, they look like a bulk wire supplier for audio/video commercial uses which does not suggest that their speaker cable is any better than SignalCable or Audio Sensibility recommended by member Brf.

I don't think I googled up the wrong company Their website indicates they are not a one man one horse operation. Let me know if you have a link to the company you cited in your comment. Thanks, Jim
Sunnyjim, I didn’t list my system or details of my listening impressions because this is not MY review of Audio Sensibility (AS) cables, but merely a recommendation for anyone interested in cables to check them out. Cables are both user and system dependent, and one size does not fit all.

A lot of cable manufactures use “marketing spin” to differentiate them from the competition and justify the price charge. I was drawn to Audio sensibility due to the fact that they lay it all out for the consumer to make an informed choice. Take a look what other cable manufactures charge for 6N and 7N (OCC) copper and silver cables without the custom made Furutech connectors.

Audio Sensibility is a small boutique company. The ONLY reason that AS has access to 6N and 7N Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) materials is due to AS owner’s personal and professional relationship with Dr. Ohno himself. A significant cost associated with “mainstream” cable manufactures is attributed to the cost of advertising and marketing in magazines etc. AS does not advertise or aggressively promote their cables, therefore, those cost are not passed onto the consumer.

As for buying from Canada, AS cables are exempt from duties under NAFTA since they are manufactured in Canada. The only risk you run is shipping cost.

I have no interest in Audio Sensibility cables other than being a satisfied customer. If you need internet consensus that this is the cable for you, then I would suggest you move onward. If AS cables peek your interest based on their science and quality of materials, I suggest you give them a try
Brf,, OK OK, no need to get huffy in your reply. We are only discussing audio cables, not political idealogy.

As I commented in either this thread, or another, I don't want to necessarily get on the cable exchange "merry go round" of 30 day trials.

Generally, I would enjoy free shipping to me whether it is AS, Crimson Audio, The Cable Company Clear Day Cable, Straightwire, etc etc. but I would have to pay for return shipping should I not like the particular cable which is about $20-$25 via USPS Priority Mail from Hawaii where I currently live.

BTW, AS cables only "peek my interest" from the few member and online testimonials about the sound quality, not".... their science and quality of materials" I have owned a few so called technically advanced cables that regardless of the science used, sounded dreadful even after thirty days
No risk, no reward. As previously mentioned, cables are very system dependent and must be tried in one owns system. Testimonial and reviews are no guarantee.

The obvious best method to audition cables is to get dealer loaners, failing that option, engaging a company that offers a 30 day guarantee is IMHO the best alternative. Yes, you may loose shipping cost if unsatisfied, but at least you are not saddled with a product that does not work for your system.
Did you try the Audio Sensibility cables yet? I am wondering if the OCC material makes a big difference.
I've not got experience of their speaker cables, but I've dealt with Steve at Audio Sensibility for a few items - including a return from the USA - great service, good products, no hassle with billing or shipping or refund.

I do use OCC cables throughout my system and do like what they do (Audience AU24E - which are my main speaker cables - is OCC, too).
Hi, I hope this may be some help to you. I replaced Acoustic Zen in my system with all Audio Sensibility. A worthwhile improvement in ...more music, quieter, blacker backgrounds. I also replaced a PS audio Quintet with the bigger Power Distribution Box. Steve at AS is the real deal. Highly recommened. Of course, everything is system dependant. YMMV. System was Newform Research R8-30's, Luxman L503S Limited Edition, Oppo 105, Roxan Zerxes TT
Thanks Bluenose.
I could not find much information on Audio Sensibility. A couple of other threads on OCC did not leave an impact on me that OCC makes a difference in sound. In fact people mentioned that cryo was more audibly different than OCC.

I have decided to audition the Clear Day Double shotguns in my system.
I use Audio Sensibility Impact and Testament interconnects, analogue and digital, as well some power cords Steve Huang, the owner, has made up for me using Neotech and Furutech wire. Not inclined to experiment with cables any more. Associated equipment: Esoteric K-03X, Esoteric C-03X with phono, Technics SP-10MKII/Audiomods Micrometer/Grace F9/Soundsmith, Luxman T-117, Meyer Sound Labs X-10T powered speakers, Torus RM20 BAL, two dedicated 20A AC lines.
I have replaced the Signal Cables with Clear Day in my system, of course, at a higher price point. But the truth of timbre was what won me over.
I have always found that "boutique" type cable vendors offer the biggest bang for the buck and that's why Signal Cable and Audio Sensibility have a devout following. I know there are better and more expensive cables out there and everything is system dependant. I've owned some pretty expensive cables in my day, well expensive for me at $1K a pair but I can say that after acquiring Audio Sensibility's Statement SE digital and interconnect cables I don't see the need to make further changes. With the U.S. dollar trading at 20% better at the moment the deal by purchasing Canadian made cables, again IMHO, is a no brainer to me.

No vested interest in the company - just a satisfied customer.
I use Audio Sensibility statement silver interconnect in my system (total cost around $35k). IMO they are very very good.
I use Signal Cable from top to bottom in my system.
They are excellent cables.
I have recently replaced really good cables with Audio Sensibility cables after making multiples comparison. First, I sold my beloved Transparent Premium USB cable after a really long comparison with a special beta cable made by Steven Huang of Audio Sensibility. A double header cable made with more OCC silver than his current Statement offering. Steven knew that I tried about seven good to really good USB cables including his Testament. The Transparent Premium was my favorite follow by Audio Sensibility Statement. Both cables were superior to the Audioquest Diamond, Oyaide Continental 5S and Silnote Poseidon in my System. Steven Huang is a man whl loves challenge, so he ask me to be a beta tester for a Signature USB a couple months back. I never thought my Premium will be beaten but that' s exactly what happened. So lately, i told to myself, why not trying his Signature XLR against my stellar Audioquest SKY, fantastic cables on their own. I ended up selling the AQ SKY last week. Finally, in the same time I moved my headphone set up in my living room so I needed a longer cable for my Audeze LCD-2v2. I found a used Audio Sensibility Statement in 12 feet lenght. I'm now settled with mostly Audio Sensibility cables and I'm really, really pleased with the performance and quality I get for the money. If I have to put one quality that give AS cables the edge over other cables I tried is musical smoothness. At the same time, all the details and dynamics are there but with an incredible fluidity. Kind of hard to descibe without experiencing it. Anyway, I think with the 30 days money, anybody looking for really good value should give Audio Sensibility cables a serious look. I doubt that it will cost you shipping cost for return. Beside, Steven is certainly the kindest personne with who I ever dealt in this hobby.
a bit late but for what is woth it, i have had both brands, and ther is no contest, audio sensiility impact se is a great step up over the signal cables.

the best way to gauge cables/cords are to audition them. You have some very nice Audio operations there in CA. Visit them one-by-one to determine the right "fit".

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!