Advise Needed for Speakers and Amplifier

I have $8,000 to 10,000 budgeted for speakers and an integrated amplifier (to keep cost low). The equipment selected will be used with a BAT VK-D5 CD Player. I have listened to the Jeff Rowland Integrated amp and the ProAc 2.5 speaker. This combination is very good except the base seems limited. Another speaker is the Dynaudio Contour 3.0 (sounds very good) with either the Krell KAV-500i Remote Control Integrated Amplifier or the new The Mark Levinson No383 Integrated amplifier due out sometime in November. Comments and suggestions are requested. Thanks
That is hard one! I wouldn't know myself what would i get if i have 10K to burn. However, why limiting yourself on integrated amp.? I would definitely look for couple years(or more) old separate's pre and amp. Also the speakers. The speaker and Amp, pre amp didnt make any technological brake- through, in last 20 years (probably more,look tube amps)You know well that after spending that much money on the integrated amp, soon you'll probably want more. Becouse, with the budget you have, you should definitely get MORE! Good Luck.
In your price range, you should definitely look at the VAC integrated amplifier. It is extremely musical and far better than any solid state integrated out there. If tubes are not your cup of tea, listen to the Pilinius 8150. You might get a sligthly better bottom extension than the Jeff Rowland. I am not familiar with the Proac 2.5, but I have heard and owned other Proacs. I can tell you that they are among the finest at any given price point. I would shy away from the Krell. No one has heard the Mark Levinson yet. The pictures are gorgeous! Seriously listen to the VAC with the Proacs. You will fall in love!
$10000.00 is a lot of money but it may not be enough for what you want.If you like really great bass stay away from tube amplifiers in this price range(at least if you want a new one).I would try to improve the sound(including the bass) with right cables.Rowlands like Cardas cables.Try Cardas Golden Cross or Cardas Golden Reference to connect you player and the Concentra and Cardas Neutral Reference speaker cables.Siltech silver cables might also work well.If that is not enough then you need more power or more expensive ProAcs(or both).Also,don't forget about power cords.Generally,I would choose Jeff Rowland's amplifier any day.ProAcs should be adequate too.
I have a Pass Aleph 3, B&W Naultilus, Pass P and Meridian 508.24 bit. I suggest that you buy an Aleph 3 and the Pass X-2 preamp. You can get a used / demo Aleph 3 cheaply. The Aleph 3 is stunning, it plays music without ripping out the emotion from it. You'll like it if you like music. If you're into huge bass and an electronic sound then look elsewhere however.
I have a pair of Genesis V full range with 400 w remote controlled servo amp to sell. Only reson for selling, I am NearField PipeDreams dealer, and need a pair to sell from. Retail $15K - sell $5800, plus shipping. These we hp from The Absolute Sounds review pair.
The audio God has spoken. You shall embark a trek to the Audiogon classified and purchase Thiel 2.3s, Levinson 333 dual mono amp, and spend the rest on Purist Audio Design Cables. Also get the Purist Burn in Cd. The Thiels require the burn in of at least 24 hours at a moderate sound level, so go to work and leave your player on repeat. Email me for more cable info.
I'd go with Verity Fidelio's or Merlin VMS-SE w/BAMs and the Audio Research VT100 and LS8 preamp- that should bring it in within price range. Cables are going to bbe extremely important, too. I like MIT's, but my expereince is limited. Jim
Similar question to that posted here. Recently heard and purchased a pair of Legacy Manhattan speakers. Looking for a amplifier in the 2000 to 3500 range to power them. Part of a home theater set up and therefore 5 channel preferred. Appreciate the help.......
Save some money and look at used Linn speakers such as Kabers...set them up active if budget allows...a matching Linn Centrik speaker (also used; there might be a few left in the dealer network) is very nice.

A used digital processor....Sony ES, Onkyo, Pioneer Elite...and a good two channel preamp will work wonders...amp? That question was answered by many others but I use audio note tubes on the fronts and a parasound for the center and rears. I eventually will switch to a Linn center channel with an Aktiv crossover card with a Linn amplfier.