Advice on upgrade

I need some advice what would be the next best upgrade or my equipment?
My Current System:
Reference 200.2 S2 Power Amp
Reference 5 S2 Pre Amp
Rotel RCD 971 CD player
Paradigm 100 Speakers Biwired into Pre amp

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Not sure how you wired your speakers but your source = Rotel CD and whether you like the way your speakers sound look like areas that might be changed.
If you haven't 'tweaked' the system with AC conditioning, isolation, room treatment, etc...I would do those types of things before changing out components. I've had a couple of systems similar to yours which benefitted greatly from modest priced 'tweaks'.
depends what you try to get from upgrade...
changing speakers may give you the most roi.
Modest tweak: Ear wax removal...from your ears (if there's ear wax anyplace else...well...that's just creepy).
removing ear wax may damage your ears. it usually falls off on its own
But what happens when the ear wax is the size of a ping pong ball?
Using ear drops and the warm water bulb to remove earwax is utterly safe and works really well. It just does...I've removed lost car keys, maps of Cuba...
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Back to the OP, you may want to upgrade your interconnects and/or speaker cables.
size of light bulb or ping-pong ball, but you shouldn't remove it completely.
Aside from the usual non answers there appears to be some consensus that you may want to start a serious assault on the summit of a well integrated synergistic system by looking at changing your speakers. It is an old axiom that the speaker accounts for the vast majority of the sound quality and flavor of any system. Therefore start by building around your speakers.
Personally I found that the amp I use has a very, very important role as well. I finally switched to tube power amps with some unusually good trannies and my system came alive. People kept asking how I had modded my speaker after that amp change.