Accuphase DP-75V vs Accuphase 800/801

I am very happy with my dp-75V in my sistem,and also I compared in another sistems with another great player lyke AR-cd8,Moon Andromeda,Dp-65V also from Accuphase,and another ...I,and not alone,together with another friends with the same hobby,without dubt,is far the best player,(not only in one sistem).
My big problem, is that I will make an upgrade with the new combo 800-801 from Accuphase,without the posibility to compare directly the two players.Is someone who have the chance to hear on the same setup the two players?
I know,all who not hear a DP-75V in a good setup, will say that is 100% better the new 800&801,but..regarding all direction???,I will compare only on redbook layer,I think the combo ,in the sacd layer,who have also SACD in that ,is better.Thanks for the help.
The only place that could conceivably have two players to compare would be a well stocked Accuphase store. We do rely on others who have heard both but with such high end items it seems your chances are remote. Perhaps an audio show but even then I would imagine them using their best and possibly entry level models.
I guess this is sort of a overused comment that applies to virtually anything really high end so my apology.
Many thanks for your answer Mechans.You have 100% right in what you say,...but who was the owner of a Dp-75V ,I am convinced that he change this player with another very hard,because this have something special that is hard to find an another CD players,even on actual models from 2010-2013 and price.I write this tread with the hope that somebody from this fine place,was hit by the same problem.
The Accuphase DP-75V is very close timbral with also very good player Andromeda,but on the instalation where I make the comparation,I can say categoric more control on bass and more musicality from Accuphase gear.The andromeda was a litle forward in high average,(not in bad words I will say).Lyke attack and speed I must say also,the two players, about the same,very good.,
I have a friend who is a big accuphase fan. He just sold his 75V beloved and bought the 800/801 combo. The sound is vastly improved.