Question about Accuphase A60 amp


I'm interested in buying the Accuphase A60 amp. My only concern is about its (relatively) low max power.
I would like to ask all the A60 owners here what is the max power that they have reached in listening use with this amplifier (and with what kind of speakers) ?
The max value that was displayed by the power meter in front of the amp.
Thanks for all answers.
Nobody has a A60 amp ?
The users of A50 or A50V could answer too, because thoses amps are very close of the A60, IMHO.
Nico G,

I have a A50v and I wouldn't worry about the low runs at class A for the entire 50 watts. This amp puts out probably more power cleanly than 90% of the amps on the market today. The amp will drive any speaker down to a 1ohm load. It is very sweet and smooth in sound I have had mine for the past 6 years and is the one piece of gear that I do not mess with. the led has only shown that about 2-3 watts max when I was really pushing the just does not break a sweat.
Thnaks for your answer, ooslik.
I think my choice is almost done : I have seen a reseller today that propose me a fair price...
What is your speaker, for my information ?
Hello Nico

I have accuphase A60 for about 3 months.I'm very happy with it. This is my personal review about my amps.

I choose a60 because it's best for treble and mid sounds (compare to mark levinson, krell, mcintosh; my personal experienced).
Some weak point is bass control. A60 provides good quality of bass but slightly slow response, DF =100 (problem may occur because most of my CDs are rock and heavy metal).
This amps running hot but less than krell, pure class A operation.

Nico, Don't worry about max power, as follow;
1. Most of musics need few watts at listening level. Most of my CD used about 1-4 watts (from digital display).
2. Current is also important for drive speakers. And A60 is high current and stable power load for any ohms loads, 8,4,2 and 1 ohm.
3. Check for your speaker drivers, especially bass driver. If it's not too big as 15", no problem with A60. Bass may not be tight is bass driver is large.
4. Check for your room size. A60 is good for small and mid size listening room.
5. About power, A60 is bridgable amps. Two amps in bridgable mode may solve some problem about max power load.

Now i'm connected A60m amps with my focal electra1027Be. Sound smooth, neutral, relax, good quality bass and warm sound. It's excellent for my CDs from acoustic songs, stones, deep purple, eyes peas,... METALLICA and PANTERA!!!

***Treble and mid are heaven***

My comment may help you Nico.

Believe in your ears than reviews, brands and dealers.

Bomberman : thanks for your answer,
My speakers have 15" woofers in a big volume (300 liters) : TANNOY GRF.
So, the bass control of the A60 could be a concern for me.
Do you have compared this amp to other recent amps like Krell Evo402 (and even fpb-400cx), Boulder 1060, Gryphon...
I'm searching for excellent bass reproduction : with extreme low-freq extension and control, and with smooth mid and treble. It's a little be complicated, I know !

Before, i got accuphase. I was try to listen many amps like krell evo 402, mcintosh mc501 and mark levinson 432. Unfortunately, I no AB test for these amps.

About krell evo 402. Local dealer use it with avalon. After listen, I'm not intesrest in krell/avalon sound (possibly from room acoustic problem?).
Krell evo 402 provide big body bass and slightly better control than A60. However as i told you. Treble and mid from accuphase is fantastic.

You have big Tannoy, so the problem about bass control is not serious issue because its horn and very high sensitivity (about 95dB). Very high sensivity speakers, small power amps or tube amps can play it loud and good bass response (characteristic of speakers). However if you can, try to listen A60 with your speckers.

Nico, don't forget about your romm size and room acoustic treament (for decrease bass hum and blur mid range)

Compared A60 with other accuphase product; the new P7100 and P7000 are better about bass control and bass punch. But A60 is better in treble and mid rannge. Smooth/very good quality bass from A60 is not problem with most of musical types. Only problem occur when you play it with very fast double bass songs.

I love A60 very much. The accuphase C2810 will be next destination. Combo c2810 and A 60 is more than dream.

Pongpan (Bombermen)

the A60 is a very good option for me, I agree with you.
My only concern with this amp, is that Accuphase had recently upgraded some of their amps like the P7100, with a new input stage topology, called MCS+.
Though the real audio advantage is tough to quantify, I prefer to buy the new A60 version, as it should be available soon (I hope so).
The waiting time should be less than a year, probably 6 months or so.
Hello Nico
In the past accuphase upgraded their flagship products every 5 years. So the new Accuphase A class may available within 1-2 years.
OK. for all hi-end world, new version usually better than the older model, but it's not for all products.
IMO only minor change occur in the most of new versions of accuphase flagship models (preamp or power amps). Most of major change is cd players and DAT.
Nico don't forget to listen the new accuphase dp 800/801 combo (Transport and DAT). Because most famous from accuphase company (in my country) is cd player.
As soon as you have accuphase machine. You'll find some thing spacial with your music as me. Good luck.

Pongpan (bomberman)
Who said this amplifier has weak bass? It has heavier bass than a 400w Mark Levinson 432 and the Pass Labs X600.5 that I also own. You need to pair it with the right preamp. I pair it with a C280 class A accuphase preamp. The bass will shatter your windows. I only have mine volume up ar 20% and the bass is already shaking my wall. This piece of gold will stay with me forever.
I have the A65 and a Audio Research Ref 3 preamp and have had the display reading 268 watts through my Dynaudio speakers and sounding very impressive , I agree the bass is very very good.

Someday hope to get another A65 and run mono or bridged which ever sounds the best.