Preamp for my Accuphase A-45 power amplifier

Alltough I already sold something very fast here, I am new at Audiogon. I'm spanish so I want to appologize upfront for the many errors against the english language.
I had been reading lots of opinions about analogue gear and found this forum a fantastic place full of knowledge and experience.
Since last year I onwn an Accuphase A-45 power amplifier that I bought as a demo device from a dealer in our neighbourhood. So far it has been ran with an old Luxman C-03 preamplifier. The dealer tried to convince me to buy an Accuphase control amplifier but I beleive that the musicality of a tube amplifier may be nicer in combination with this very resolving, clear and transparent A-45.
Any thoughts, experiences and recommendations would be very welcome
Thanks in advance
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Any thoughts on this one?
I use a Shindo Monbrison with my Accuphase P-3000 amp and am very pleased with the result. As good as the P-3000 is, if I had the right opportunity to acquire a class A Accuphase amp, I would not hesitate to pair it with the Monbrison.
I think you have a very good idea re pairing a tube pre with the A-45.

I chose a couple of Conrad Johnson tube pres (ART and ACT 2.2) to go with my Pass XA.5 ss amps. You didn't mention budget (always important when someone asks for recs). Less $ than the ART or ACT 2.2, I'd feel safe in recommending the Premiere 16, maybe the 17.

Find the right tube pre and I think you will be real happy. Good luck.
I wouldn't discount an Accuphase preamp. They are very good sounding and well built. Plus they have a lot of features. Try one and see.
Thank you for your input.
Correct, budget is very important. That is the second reason why I was hesitating about the Accuphase C-2410 that together with the C-2810 have a sound close to a tube amps musicality and wide soundstage. The C-2410 is already very expensive, the C-2810 completely out of range. Budget would be max 2000 usd.
While I was waiting for your comments I read about Doge 8 and Conrad Johnson. I will check out the Shindo.
Thanks again for your help

Ok, I see. No problem. Good luck with your search.
I finally bought a Coincident Statement Phonostage (4 x 12AX7 tubes) demo unit from Canada.
Very transparent with a nice wide soundstage. Also their cables are a serious upgrade in sound. I started with power cable. Which was very clean sounding in comparison with the muddy old powercord I had been using during 6 months. Then the IC cables from Phonostage to Power Amp was anothter gain in quality.
I'm very satisfied about the combination but I think the Tannoys are avoiding my Accuphase / Coincident combination from being to bright... or maybe the tubes are adding a bit of body to my sound?
Enjoy the music during these last few weeks of 2012