Accuphase CD players versus Naim CD players

i have an accuphase cdp(DP - 55V) which on the whole i like a lot(I have thought about upgrading to a DP-67, see seperate question) but sometimes i wish my accuphase was more dynamic in its presentation of the music. overall though i feel it gives me plenty of detail and a real sound. i have also thought about a naim cdp but for every person who seems to love the Naim 'sound', there seems to be someone else who hates it with a passion and thinks the 'sound' Naim creates is false. the main criticism seems to be that 'yes', it does give you a very dynamic explosion of sound and is very fast but that it misses a lot of the musical detail and that the naim 'sound' is actually quite artificial. i would be interested to hear if people agree or disagree with this argument. i have not done a direct comparison yet between an accuphase cdp and the naim cdx2(which is the player i would be thinking about)but whilst i might sometimes crave a bit more dynamism from my accuphase, i would not want to sacrifice the accuphase genuine sound for something that may be slightly artificial. i would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has directly compared Accuphase with Naim.
your speakers and your room ply the major role hear. the accuphase is an extremely neutral player.
If you do not mind, what is the rest of your system-room included, of course?
the rest of my system is a naim nait amp and original rega ella speakers.
Never heard the Accuphase DP-55V, but I own a DP-67, wich I like a lot and has great dynamics and impact. Today I've listened to a Bruckner symphony (nº 5), and it was a rewarding experience.
Like the above replies said, look at your room and speakers, these items are of extreme importance for good dynamics.
As for the Naim, sorry not my cup of tea, or coffee.
Accuphase DP55 lacks transparency like all accuphase cd players. Try different cables and you will improve your sound quality .
I know the Rega Ela speaker well. It's a great speaker!
I also know Naim CDP's, inc the CDX2 and Naim Nait and Naim separates.
Naim and Rega go well together, but there is a definite Naim "house sound" that is fast, and rhythmical (which I like) - but to my ears it tends to impose these qualities on all music. This does seem to be less so the further up the Naim line you go.
I found the Cairn Fog CDP give a lot more air and open-ness, separating out voices and instruments, a lighter touch and still worked well with Naim Amps (the Naim CDP's were a bit "grey" and rolled off at both ends to my ears). To my ears the Cairn was much better than both Naim CD5 and CDX2 (even with extra power supply) while still giving the PRAT that Naim gear is renowned for.
The other option was Rega CDP's. They are are a great match with Naim Amps. My local dealer sells Naim and Rega. To my ears Rega Jupier CDP (I haven't heard the new Saturn but I believe that it is a significant step-up from the Jupiter which I did hear with lots of Naim gear) and Rega Ela speaker with Naim Amps was easily the most open and musical combination I heard at the dealer's while ensuring I got rhythmic coherence.

Hope this helps.

And remember it's all in what we individually hear and prefer.

given your system, the naim
I have had Naim and Accuphase cdps (currently owning a DP55v). Naim CDS are great with XPS in an all-Naim system, you need to be sold on the Naim sound thou.

Hope this helps.
"Accuphase DP55 lacks transparency like all accuphase cd players."

I definitely agree with this statement. Accuphase seems to place more emphasis on tonality than detail. The music sounds beautiful from an Accuphase - warm, lush, and laid back. But it's not the last word on transparency.
Accuphase house sound is syrupy! Very romantic but not accurate.
Naim house sound is mid bass dyanmic! (big hump in the middle especially the 5i and the 5x) You need to go to the CDX2 to begin your quest.

I would vote Theta Compli (neutral rocker) or the Linn Ikema (kinds opposite the Accuphase sound) or Ayre.
Cytocycle, Amphibious, Fpooyandeh, concerning your statements about Accuphase players lacking transparency: you certainly didn´t give the latest models a try.
Up to last weekend I didn´t have any experience with the brand, but after three days of intense listening into a new (and barely broken in) DP 500 provided by my local retailer for a sonic weekend trip, I have to say it was simply magic.
There was a wealth of detail and stunning transparency. Image size, depth and focus, palpability, colors, and: much more musical sense than I knew from any front end before (except perhaps ML 390s which plays on a similar level or at least near to the DP 500, as far as I recall). The Audio Aero Capitole II which I had for a year or so lately didn`t came anywhere close to it - at least in my system..
However the Accuphase takes it´s time for breaking in. At my home it unfolded only on the third day after continuous playing, and I am quite sure it´ll be improving even more.
Abetz - Any idea of the MSRP of the DP 500, of course there is nothing used in the market yet and just cant find the MSRP in the US yet.



I am based in Germany and here it´s listed with 5.6 k Euro. I´ve read elsewhere the US-price tag for the DP 500 is 5.9 k or so. Just check with the US distributor. Good luck!
Sorry about this kind of off topic question, but how does
the Accuphase cdp's, namely the DP-65 and DP-75 which can be bought for ~$2000 used here, fare against new players of the same price tag?

Make sure you don't buy a greymarket (if it was not bought from a US dealer originally) Accuphase as you will not be able to get it serviced!! I'm not a dealer but I was looking at buying accuphase products a couple years ago and this was a huge problem.
I am a big fan of accuphase and naim. Naim is more on the musical side while accuphase is more accurate.
Don't know about the DP 55 which was rated as the lesser of the accuphase products. Coupled with elctrostatics accuphase is one of most transparent players I have ever heard.
DP500 is selling at S$6700 in Singapore.

Not really sure how this player pit against other players like the MBL 1531, Audio Aero Cap MK2, AR CD3 MK2, Wadia 581 & etc.

But those players that I had listed are all much more expensive.
Not exactly to your point, but I have an Accuphase DP75V and the EMM DCC2 (non-signature) and CDSD transport. While the EMM definitely is more lifelike with big, rounder, denser images and a more cavernous, open listening field, the 7-year-old Accuphase holds its own. It is lush, relaxing, grainless, with smaller but well defined images and an overall seductive keep-listening-for-hours sound. I know it's heresy, but in the demos I heard with with the Linn CD12, the 75V had better-defined, more integrated bass and was, overall, more relaxing, although with a bit warmish coloration (which may be part of its charm). I think the Accuphase, rather than "solve" digititus, expertly covers it up. It just has a really beautiful sound. I heard the Naims for short periods at Audio shows and always preferred the 75V.