Abbingdon Music Research gold fuses ???

Has anyone here tried these new AMR fuses?
I use them and yes they are incredible. The fuses transformed the sound of my Graaf Modena and my Acoustic Reality Thaumaturge amplifiers. I had HiFi Tuning Gold fuses in my AR amps but did not think much of them. In fact I actually boxed them up as I found them a little less interesting with the HiFi tuning fuses as opposed to the stock cheapo fuse. When I placed the AMR fuses in the amps (both the Modena and the Acoustic Reality) I really was not prepared for what I heard. I was immediately met with more body, harmonics, musicality and a fullness to the sound that was a bit unbelievable. In a word (BODY), the AMR fuses imbue the subjective musical presentation with a corporeal body replacing the facsimile of music with a rendition more akin to life... OK ok...I know I have waxed on like a maniac LOL but they really are that good and worth a listen :)
Audiofun - what's the price on 'em? Thanks in advance.
Audiofun hit the nail on the head about the AMR fuses. I put the AMR fuses in my amp and noticed a considerable improvement in sound quality and tonal texture. As "boutique" fuses go the AMR's are a steel at their price point. I think I paid in the $20-$25 range from Avatar Acoustic. Darren and Bonnie Cencullo are great people to deal with, drop them an email or phone call you'll be glad you did.

They are $20 each. I use some here to good effect, and so have my customers.
Thanks folks. I've had positive experience with HiFi Tuning Fuses but the AMR fuses sound like a bargain.
I ordered 2 yesterday,one for the amp and one for the pre. At $20.00 a piece, it wasn't much of a risk. They are getting good reviews from users, and they are a third of the price of the Shunyata fuses. I will report back when they arrive, and I have had enough time to assess what they do or don't do.
Synergistic Research offers a 30 day, money back, satisfaction guarantee, on their new fuses. It seems it would be well worth the effort to compare them with whatever else one might be using(especially sans monetary risk): ( (
I'm not criticising any other fuses, as I have no experience with any aftermarket fuses. It was just very tempting to me that the AMR fuses were so affordable, and a number of users found them to be better than other more expensive brands they had tried.
I was pretty sceptical but a dealer gave me an AMR fuse which I tried in the power cord (fused in the UK) to my cdp. It seemed to make a difference so I changed the rest to no noticable effect. At least they are inexpensive to try.