A Tidal/Deezer Streamer to augment Oppo 105?

Question: Does it make sense to integrate a Bluesound Node 2i into my system if I'm streaming Deezer lossless? Or should I bail on Deezer and go back to Tidal lossless and stream that through my Oppo 105?
Just use Oppo-105 to stream Tiadal. Use iOS or Android device to browse and control. less component and cable give pure music stream. If you have balanced input in your amp, use it. XLR has much lower background noise, high dynamic and deep sound stage. CAT5 cable not wifi to connect oppo to your router. Simple is always better.
Thanks. Yes, I use an XLR between the Oppo and the integrated. I wasn't sure whether to use Tidal lossless or Deezer lossless. My phone - an iPhone 4S -- can't load Deezer.
Maybe try Quboz?
Supposed to be really good for jazz and classical.
But I have an iPad that can handle anything. Plus a Macbook. I still play CD's - their sound is better than anything save my vinyl set-up and the FLAC files but, again, the Oppo won't do Deezer.
You could rip all CD into harddrive. Oppo can connect to a music server and play all kind of music files. Tidal HiFi is very good for streaming 44.1k/16bit files, added MQA. Your 105 won't decode MQA, but your PC/Mac will do MQA 1st unfold 96k/24bit or 88k/24bit. Oppo 105 takes these and you get a wonderful dac & streamer.
Just look at Deezer, isn’t it streaming at MP3 filesa t 320kbit/sec?  then No
The Tidal is far superior than Deezer. It streams lossless at 44.1K/16bit and lossy 192k/24bit.
You might try Qobus if you liken native 96k/24bit.
If you have Tidal, you could sell off all CDs unless the album you like to keep for life.
Actually, Deezer DOES stream at lossless FLAC.
I stream Deezer FLAC via a Sonos Connect on both of my systems - both modified by Wyred4Sound (44.1 khz).   Very happy with the results. 

The Sonos app is great, IMO.  I also have two of the small Sonos speakers in other rooms, and it's nice to integrate those with my component systems.

If both of them stream Lossless FLAC, then toss the coin. No need of both. I would prefer Tidal because it has MQA and more popular. Deezer is in British pound and more expensive. I would like to try Qobuz for naitve 96/24.