ideas on a higher quality deezer streaming device?

I currently have a sonos connect to stream deezer which isn't that bad, but I am looking for other options that may take it up a notch or too. Yes I have a decent dac just looking for a better transport but I wont rule out a nicer all in one would be fine also as long as it's a good step up in performance.

so far the companys I have found that offer deezer support in the fourm of a music streamer are

I've been awaiting answers to your query -- and anticipating what might be offered -- and have been sad to find only radio silence. What I expected to find was folk suggesting jitter-reduction devices -- the W4S Remedy, the Empirical Audio Synchro-mesh -- as your best option. I've been surprised to find nothing of the sort. (Nothing at all, in fact.)

I, too, use the Sonos Connect to stream tunes using Deezer and am fairly pleased, but not as much as I'd like to be, so I understand looking for something more.

Good luck in your quest.

-- Howard
I was using a squeezebox touch and just upgraded to the transporter. Cant imagine tidal sounding better, but I guess it could.