A Shout-Out for Grado Service

I think that above-and-beyond service from a high-end company deserves some press, so here goes: I bought a pair of Grado GS100i Headphones from Music Direct in November 2012. I took very good care of them, but the varnish/poly finish on the wood just deteriorated. I never really took notice until recently, but by the time I noticed, the phones were out of warranty.

I contacted Grado, who told me to send them in for service. I fully expected them to say they could refinish them or replace the wood parts for hundred or two, but they just replaced the phones for free. I don't know if they just replaced the wood or gave me a new pair, but they look beautiful.

Unfortunately, great service is all too rare nowdays and we should all try to support the companies, especially American companies, that go out of their way to please their customers. So, if you happen to like the sound of Grado products, you can feel very comfortable buying one, as I'm sure you will be well taken care of. That's it.
Their cartridge replacement program is good too. Send in your old one and they will not just re-tip, but replace it with a new one for a reduced price. Mine was shipped out the same day they received the worn one.
Earbuds and headphones, too, for me. No problems.
And the same woman has been answering the phones, for years!
Agreed. My puppy chewed the foam pads and another part of my SR325's. I contacted Grado and a week later had both replacement parts my mailbox free of charge. Oh, and by the way, they're great headphones.
They are the oldest american family owned company in the audio business. I have been dealing with them for over thirty years and always received outstanding service.