A Little Technical Help with the VPI Strobe

I have the VPI speed strobe; the 33-1/3 line is drifting right (counter-clockwise)... That means the table is running a little slow correct?
Yes, the table is running a little slow.
Good; so if i ramp-up the SDS controller's frequency above 60hz, that should increase the speed?
Yes...that's what that adjustment is for. Also, I found using a better power cord on the SDS makes it a bit better.
Stringreen--can you elaborate on what you found to be better with the better power cord? What cord did you use? Did you try others? I'm just curious--I have upgraded power cords on very "critical" piece of equipment but I have not ever experimented with the SDS.
I used to manufacture these power cords myself. I don't any longer, however, Audio Connection in Verona, NJ might still have a few left. (G&G Discoveries) I'm sure John will send you one with your credit card number on approval. They are relatively cheap and are better than most.
I too have found differences to be heard with different cords. I would try as many as you have access to. I doubt there would be any one best ;just different.I personally have used Omega Mikro,Virtual Dynamics Nite III and Absolute power cords.All have different,clearly hear able,personalities.Experiment away!