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Good HiFi stores in NY, Washington DC area
¬†Check out Vandersteen at Audio Connection in Verona, New Jersey. No other store like it.¬†They carry the great Audioquest products also. I can't wait to get my phono cable!! 
Thanks to John and his crew at Audio Connections
Yes,it was a great gathering of Audiophiles and Music lovers. John and his crew put on their usual good time (special thanks to Samier - I hope that's spelled right - and Sam who saw to it that everyone was comfortable and happy). If you weren't t... 
What dealer/distributor has influenced you most?
John Rutan - Audio Connection - Verona,N.J.I can say with out fear of disagreement: there is no dealer more fun and accommodating then John.You've tried the rest,now try the best.............and bring a pizza.John will love you and you'll love him!! 
Audioquest Sky XLR
Joncourage,Now that a little time has passed is there something furthur you can offer as too how the Sky and HiDiamond interconnects compare? 
What's your SDS setting?
Stringreen,Why did you change from the Superplatter to the Classic platter? Can you give some details as to their sonic differences? I presume your glad you changed? 
What's your SDS setting?
I'm at 62.42 but I have a Super platter which - I presume - requires the higher setting.By the way, anyone know how often I should lubricate the bearings? 
Forgotten heavy bands from late 60's to early 70's
Yes to Jade Warrior!! 
Equitech 2 Q VERSUS Running Springs, Dimitri
Is the "noise" from the Equitech mechanical or something added into the signal? I've had a 2Q for years and no noises of any kind. 
bass suggestions 12 x 16 room....
I have lived with a 16x12 room for ~20 yrs. now and have tried dozens of different speaker positions; and what has worked best for me is an "asymmetrical placement". Meaning the speakers aren't placed on the long or short wall but instead I had th... 
Furutech ceramic fuse
Audiofeil,Please note that you need be careful dispensing this particular remedy because -- as you know(probably!)--- the woofer should be on it's left side if the OP is south of the equator. Do please keep us posted ! 
Audioquest Sky XLR
Joncourage, if I'm interpreting correctly..........most people seem to be finding that the main diff. between AQ Sky and HD seems to be in the area of sound-staging/imaging. You agree or is there a different thumbnail sketch you would draw? 
Well Tempered Amadeus turntable, giant killer?
Has anyone listened to a VPI table w/WellTempered Arm on it.Perhaps it's the Arm that is giving the advantage to the Amadeus!? 
Audioquest Sky XLR
Joncourage,I see from your system profile that you also use some HiDiamond interconnects.They have piqued my interest of late and am wondering if they are anything like AQ SKY? Any contrast you can offer? 
Audioquest Sky XLR
Gentlemen, could you elaborate a little more on some (if any) of the changes I could expect as these break-in! 
Audioquest Sky XLR
An one have any experiences with break-in they can share?