5751 tubes in Rogue Tempest?

Anyone Subbed their 12ax7 tubes out for some 5751s?
Joe's Tube Lore (FAQ section of AudioAsylum) says these tubes are much better than most all 12ax7 tubes.
I got the go ahead from Mark O'Brien @Rogue, so I was wondering if there are any sucess or failure stories out there.

I used the 5751 on my Rogue M-120 monos with no problems,i tried the GE JAN 5751 and the RCA black plate 3 mica spacer 5751 and the RCA was by far the best of the two, the sound was warm,detailed and smooth the GE was bright and boring.I did not try the Sylvania 5751,the RCA sounds much better then the stock Sovtek 12ax7LPS that came with the amps.
Regards Jejell.
I use 5751s in place of 12AX7's in the BC SET40. The 5751's has a little less gain and lower distortion.
Try and find some RCA triple mica 5751's. These are the best sounding 5751's I have found. They are hard to find, but worth the effort.
Use a 12BZ7 in place of the 12AX7. Rouge confirmed this is safe to do and the amp sounds way better. Much more dynamic and musical. Been running mine this way for more than a year. Got the idea from Cary folks who often do this on their amps.
I read the Joe's tube Lore page too,and immediately scored a pair of Sylvania JAN gold series 5751s off Ebay.First let me say that they were cheap! Next,,,,,,drum roll,,,,,,,

WOW! I put them in my modded Dynaco Pas line stage and it was absolutely shocking!
The veil was lifted,the clouds parted and music came out.Literally out too. The sound stage came so far forward it was scary. At first I wasn't sure what I was hearing.It seemed like there was more gain instead of the 70% that the 5751 has to the 12AX7,but the vocals were so much further forward that it sounded louder.Weird,but cool.Transparency,inner detail and sweetness.A system transformation.
Any and all that have 12AX7s in their preamps need to try this. I can't imagine going back.

I use RCA 5751's and 12AU7's in my M180's, and RCA 5692's in my 99 Magnum preamp. I think the system sounds great. Strong bass, rich mid-range, silky highs with lots of detail but without sounding sibilant. I have Mundorf S/G/O capacitors in my Silverline speakers, and interconnects and speaker cables that transmit a lot of detail. Tubes that are described as being very "airy" weren't a good match for my system - too much sibilance.