Rogue Audio Tempest II Upgrade

Has anyone upgraded their Tempest 2 to the Magnum status and if so what were the benefits? I bought KT-90 tubes directly from Rogue a couple years ago as I see that is part of the upgrade package so that would save some money. I have done some tube rolling in the past but wondered if the Magnum or Super Magnum upgrade would have some really nice benefits. Thanks inn advance.
There is no Super Magnum upgrade so that was a definite a mistake lol. Anyway, what are the obvious differences from any magnum upgrade from the base model. Do you think its worth it?
I've had a number of Rogue Audio products (Cronus integrated, Sixty six preamp and Stealth phono stage) upgraded to Magnum status and in each case felt my money was well spent.
What changes did you hear or feel regarding the Cronus?