Canary CA-301MKII or Roque Tempest II

Could anyone offer some opinions on these two amplifiers?
I like the 300B tubes but Tempest II from what I heard is pretty good also.
Of course the Canary is a power amp, while the rogue is an integrated. With the Rogue line your much better off with the Pre-power line up than the integrateds (and a Magnum 99 and Mag88 or 90 are excellent). I loved the Rogues and still do, but IMO the 301Mk2 with WEs is a stunner. Fit that with any valve Canary preamp and it really something very special.
the push/pull design if you like pop rock and classical music.
I just received two CA-301 MKII amps that were supposed to be configured as monoblocks by Canary. They didn't do it. I also just received the CA-903 pre-amp.

I will say their customer service is an absolute nightmare. I've had nothing but problems with them for the past two months.

I only have one pair of $50 interconnects to use, so I can't comment on how good it sounds. They were supposed to ship me interconnects to try, but Canary renigged on that offer. So now I have to get interconnects.

I also have to get power cables because they also renigged on sending me the power cables they promised me for all of the delays and problems I've had with them.

Basically, this transaction with them has been a nightmare. I hope the equipment sounds magical to make up for the hellish experience I've had dealing with them.

I'll let you know how it sounds after I purchase the power cables and interconnects.

Customer service is a nightmare with Canary. I'm a former dealer. Private email me for more information.